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How Psychedelics Inform this Hypnotherapist’s Practice

After healing a devastating neck injury with hypnotherapy, Collete Condorsita merged psychedelics and hypnotherapeutic techniques to direct neuroplasticity…



“Just because you’re in a neuroplastic state, doesn’t mean you’re actually making the changes in your life or thought patterns. You have to actually drive the train and do the work.”

Join us for Season 2 of Adventures of the Psyche: an exploration of the emerging frameworks and modalities that support the use of psychedelics. 

In our second episode, we are joined by Collette Condorsita who shares how hypnotherapy helped her heal from a devastating neck injury, and the way psychedelics inform her hypnotherapeutic practice.

Colette Condorcita is a coach and guide who supports clients in accessing the subconscious and unconscious mind for support, insight, and personal growth. Colette utilizes a self-directed protocol to change unhealthy patterns with take-home hypnotherapeutic techniques to direct neuroplasticity and change. She is also an entrepreneur and regenerative designer with a background in regenerative agriculture and has been working and apprenticing with traditional curanderos in Latin America for over a decade. She is the founder of Decriminalize Nature Philadelphia (DNP), the Philly chapter working to decriminalize entheogenic plants and fungi. 

Join filmmaker and host Mareesa Stertz for a brief visit into other realms where guests share personal stories of illumination, healing, and transformation through their use of psychedelics. See more Adventure of the Psyche episodes here.

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