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Cannabis Can Help Dead Bedroom Syndrome

If you aren’t on Reddit very much, you may have missed learning about the term Dead Bedroom. Various forums address a situation where long-term couples…



If you aren’t on Reddit very much, you may have missed learning about the term Dead Bedroom. Various forums address a situation where long-term couples find themselves not having sex and have deemed it a dead bedroom. These forums then go on to discuss potential solutions and give advice. Sometimes it’s just people wanting to share their frustrations. However, many people are truly looking for a solution to the dead bedroom problem.

That’s where cannabis enters the picture.

CBD and Hemp specialists Nature & Bloom discovered Google searches for ‘dead bedroom’ have increased by 170% over the last three months – suggesting a lot of American couples are frustrated by a sudden lack of sexual intimacy. They suggest cannabis could be the answer for a dead bedroom.

Stress Reduction

Holly Robinson, an Intimacy Specialist, claims that THC (the main psychoactive compound in cannabis) can prove particularly effective in improving sex lives that have slumped due to work stress – especially for women. She warns: “You’ll never have a satisfying or intimate sex life if your day-to-day life is plagued by stress, chasing goals, and anxiety. 

“I’ve found THC has a profound impact on how people let go of stress and can help to minimize nerves, as it supports relaxation. This is especially important for women who work in a male-dominated space, as they’re prone to minimizing their femininity to adapt to their environment and therefore often end up feeling disconnected from their bodies. 

“This makes experiencing physical pleasure more difficult, leaving many women resigned to never climaxing during sex. Both THC and CBD mitigate these unhelpful thoughts by creating a tunnel vision of what simply feels nice on your skin in the moment, rather than worrying about chasing an unachievable orgasm.”

In The Mood

If stress isn’t the problem, then maybe it’s an issue of getting into the mood.  

She says” “If ego and insecurities are hindering your sex life, using cannabis can result in more intimate, vulnerable and enjoyable sex, as it can help suppress intrusive thoughts.

“However, it’s important to use cannabis mindfully and responsibly. It shouldn’t become a crutch, as anything you can achieve through use is achievable through self-development and inner work. It’s not a quick fix, but can help start to reignite a stalled sex life.”

It may be a great solution, but not every state has fully legalized cannabis. However, Holly believes CBD can be just as effective in minimizing stress. 

Bat Sheva Marcus, a Sex Therapist, believes cannabis works to combat a dead bedroom because it boosts women’s long-term sexual appetite, as she says: “I’ve had a significant number of women report feeling more aroused with the use of THC, as well as achieving intense orgasms much easier and generally ‘feeling sexier’ day to day.

“This obviously enhances their experience and makes them more eager to have sex again. And whilst this isn’t the case for every woman – as everybody’s different – it may help overcome a loss in libido that otherwise would have a long-term impact on intimacy.” 

Search History

Nature & Bloom took a look at which states report the most searches for keywords related to low libido – including ‘spice up sex life’, ‘aphrodisiac’ and ‘dead bedroom’. 

The data revealed that California was the most concerned about a slumped sex life, reporting the highest number of searches per 100k people, whilst Montana is the least worried. 

The 10 states most concerned about their sex life

  1. California
  2. New York
  3. Hawaii
  4. Maryland
  5. Massachusetts
  6. Georgia
  7. Washington
  8. Virginia
  9. Nevada
  10. Utah 

Speaking on the findings, a Nature & Bloom spokesperson said: “The use of cannabis-infused products like THC lube to increase sexual pleasure has risen in recent years, as couples look to enhance their sex life, increase drive and prolong sexual function. 

“However, many might not know that it can help combat a dry spell by bringing mutual sexual satisfaction to the forefront of your relationship – and can also make boring sex exciting again for first-time users, as you’re introducing something new into the bedroom.” 


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