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Introducing Findability.Accelerate: Expediting the Journey from Data Silos to AI-Readiness

Findability Sciences, a global provider of enterprise AI solutions and an Inc. 5000 company, announced the launch of Findability.Accelerate, which provides…



Findability Sciences, a global provider of enterprise AI solutions and an Inc. 5000 company, announced the launch of Findability.Accelerate, which provides the tools and framework necessary to equip enterprises to become ‘AI-ready’ and expedite their AI journey. The demand for AI tech has surged in the post-pandemic world; PwC reported that AI is estimated to contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030 and change the game by emphasizing productivity and consumption.

The challenge is that most organizations do not have a sound data architecture in place for successful AI implementation. In fact, the latest research has shown that up to 60% of AI projects fail. Organizations require that data is cleaned, analyzed and organized, but too often, enterprises are struggling with data overload and crippling silos that can hinder digital transformation. Findability.Accelerate mitigates this risk by providing an information architecture (IA) or IA (data) powered by products and solutions built on all major data platforms to ease migration. In addition, the platform also offers a customized comprehensive report to unify data for AI, as well as provides plugins for data migration and machine learning.

“There is no AI without IA,” says Anand Mahurkar, an Inc. 5000 entrepreneur and CEO of Findability Sciences. “The promise of artificial intelligence transforming businesses is appreciated by leadership across industries. However, the way AI is looked at, thought about, adopted and used, can only succeed with the right framework in hand.”

“With the skills, processes and technology that Findability.Accelerate offers, an organization can successfully optimize data and succeed in its AI journey,” continues Mahurkar.

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The Straumann Group, the global leader in dental implantology was one such company that wanted to effectively harness its data with AI and achieve its goal of bringing millions of new smiles to the world. Like many companies in the dental industry, the Straumann Group was struggling with data overload and looking for ways to digitize its assets. The Findability.Accelerate framework was implemented.

“We had several goals in mind when we approached Findability Sciences,” said Sridhar Iyengar, Director, Data & Tech – North America, Straumann Group. “We wanted to build an information infrastructure that is easy to consume and to draw insights from, augmented by AI-driven operational decisions that will lead us closer to our customer centricity goals. We embarked on a use case-based approach to build this information architecture leveraging the Findability. Accelerate framework to harness the volumes of data that we have gathered over years of serving the oral health business. We started with the logistics/supply chain and customer service processes to transform the data aggregated from our systems of engagement and our systems of records to measure our KPIs such as fill rate, call quality and Net promoter score (NPS). We are confident that these foundational blocks of AI will help us accelerate our business goals to expand the implant market leadership, and ultimately building a more robust direct to consumer presence – becoming the most innovative customer centric oral care business.”

What is Findability.Accelerate?

Given Findability.Accelerate provides organizations with a cost-effective data engineering team, an information architecture, and third-party plugins, customers have attributed an 8% revenue gain and 20% cost saving to the implementation of the data architecture and AI plugins. On average, the financial gain for many customers has been $3 million during the first year and $18 million in the first three years.

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Findability.Accelerate offers a three-pronged approach for an expedient and efficient enterprise AI implementation:

Information Architecture

Information architecture is the foundation on which data is organized and structured across a company. Findability.Accelerate addresses data gaps and silos with a Data Census designed to identify business processes, data sets, personally-identifiable information, third-party data and applications.

Findability.Accelerate uses a “Wide Data” approach to locate critical and relevant internal, external, structured and unstructured data for Machine Learning. The solution leverages connectors to over 40,000 external variables while implementing the information architecture to include relevant external data in the unified information.

Once the organization has successfully collected internal and external data, the framework can be built to create a solution, like a prediction engine that can also become part of an organization’s IP.

Platform Strategy

Findability.Accelerate has developed plug-and-play solutions for industry-leading platforms such as IIAS (IBM Integrated Analytics Systems), Snowflake, SAP, EDB, Amazon Redshift, DB2, Netezza, Automation Anywhere and AWS. Findability.Accelerate manages end-to-end migration of services with automated tooling to allow businesses to journey from planning to execution and advance the AI journey.

Through its partnership with industry-leading data platforms, Findability.Accelerate offers all the technology, skills and expertise required to enable businesses to migrate to modern, cloud-based data storage solutions.

Beyond data migration, Findability Sciences partner AI plugins provide access to a high-accuracy self-learning multi-modeling engine that can rapidly deploy solutions such as demand forecasting, propensity to pay and churn prediction on the unified data.

Technology Talent

Findability.Accelerate consists of professionals who are experts in managing AI applications, including monitoring, health checking, and maintaining the solutions program. Organizations without an IT staff can seek the help of the highly-skilled and cost-effective in-house tech talent of Findability Sciences staff augmentation services.

Every team member is partnered with an organization based on the organization’s specific business needs. The staff not only fully immerse themselves into the project, they also maintain a good company culture and work according to specific goals.

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