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Jacob Tell’s District216: Redefining Psychedelic Community

Explore the visionary world of Jacob Tell and District 216, a hub for psychedelic community and innovation in Santa Barbara.



In Santa Barbara, California, an innovative venture is reshaping the way we think about psychedelics. This is the story of District216, led by the visionary Jacob Tell. More than just a gathering place, District216 is a groundbreaking community at the forefront of psychedelic exploration. Here, members are not only embracing a new era of consciousness but are actively shaping it.

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Jacob Tell: The Chief Dreamer Behind District216​​

Jacob Tell’s journey to founding District216 began with his prior ventures, Oniracom & LoDo Studios. As a brand strategy and marketing agency established in 2001, Oniracom was pivotal in Tell’s understanding of the intersection between culture, business, and creativity. His experiences there, working with diverse clients and projects, laid the groundwork for his interest in community-driven initiatives.

The inception of District216 was significantly influenced by the isolation experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tell, having explored psychedelics during this period, recognized their potential to foster connection and community in a time of widespread disconnection. This realization inspired him to create a space where like-minded individuals could come together, share experiences, and explore the realms of consciousness expansion in a supportive environment.

“I brought all these elements together, creating a psychedelic social club focused on ‘Edutainment,’ education meets entertainment, around 4 pillars of content, art, music, cannabis, and psychedelics.”

Jacob Tell

Thus, District216 was born out of a desire to rebuild community ties and provide a platform for psychedelic exploration and education. It’s a reflection of Tell’s journey and his commitment to creating meaningful, transformative experiences.

What Is District216?

District216 is a pioneering psychedelic social club based in Santa Barbara, California. It’s a vibrant community for thinkers, creators, and trailblazers, centered around the themes of community, healing, and consciousness expansion. With a focus on art, music, cannabis, and psychedelics, District216 aims to cultivate a dynamic ecosystem for psychedelic enthusiasts.

Through its variety of events, workshops, and global digital content, the club fosters education, dialogue, and a deeper understanding of psychedelics, positioning itself at the forefront of the movement toward their normalization and legal acceptance in everyday life.

The Mission and Vision of District216​​

How do we redefine our relationship with psychedelics in the modern world? This question lies at the core of District216’s mission. The goal is to foster vibrant communities where ideas can flourish, health innovations are explored, and the psychedelic ecosystem thrives. But the vision extends beyond to normalize and legalize the responsible use of psychedelics globally.

The Impact of District216​​

District216 isn’t just reacting to the changing landscape; it’s actively shaping it. In a world where the prohibition of cannabis and psychedelics has long cast a shadow, District216 emerges as a beacon of hope. It’s a forward-thinking space where dialogue, information sharing, policy making, and futurism converge. Here, meaningful connections form the bedrock of co-creation and a rich community.

The Core Activities and Benefits of District216​​

District216 offers a plethora of experiences to its members. From marquee events to workshops at The District House, the opportunities for learning and co-creation are boundless. Members have access to a global online curriculum, enabling a deep dive into the world of psychedelics. It’s a place to learn, grow, share, build, and expand consciousness.

Member Benefits and Activities

District216 offers a diverse range of benefits to its members, centered around the concept of ‘Edutainment’ – educational entertainment. Members are privy to exclusive Marquee Events throughout the year, featuring a blend of psychedelic discussion panels, live comedy, music, curated food and beverages, interactive demonstrations, product sampling, and networking opportunities. 

These events, which attract approximately 250 attendees, focus on various themes, such as the intersection of psychedelics with VR and neuroscience, nature, sexual wellness, and more.

Furthermore, The District House serves as a hub for members to engage with a community of professionals, artists, entrepreneurs, and psychonauts. It hosts evenings with high-caliber guest speakers, where members can participate in interviews, roundtable discussions, documentary screenings, and interactive workshops. 

These sessions, often attended by 20-30 people, are intimate and provide a platform for in-depth exploration and connection.

Events, Workshops, and Global Access

The range of events at District216 is designed to cater to a variety of interests and learning styles. From “Conscious Conversations” roundtables to documentary discussions and interactive workshops, the emphasis is on fostering a collaborative and enriching environment. Special sessions like the “Dosage Dialogues” focus on more specific aspects of psychedelic use and understanding.

Members can also co-create evenings, hosting their themed events in The District House space. This unique opportunity allows members to bring their ideas to life, whether it’s a workshop, a guided circle, or a collaborative project, all aligning with the organization’s core pillars.

Moreover, the Change Your Lens Series extends the reach of District216’s events to a global audience. Members worldwide can access video content of the Marquee Events and interviews conducted at The District House, ensuring that even those who can’t physically attend can benefit from the insights and discussions.

The Importance of Events for the Psychedelic Community

Events in the psychedelic community, especially those hosted by District216, are essential in fostering education, connection, and transformation. They serve as unique spaces where individuals gather to share experiences, learn, and express themselves through discussions, workshops, or artistic means.

These events play a pivotal role in demystifying psychedelics, promoting understanding, and challenging associated stigmas. By cultivating a sense of community and belonging, they offer safe environments for exploration and dialogue, contributing significantly to the growing acceptance and integration of psychedelics into mainstream culture.

Moreover, they act as incubators for new ideas and innovations in the field, catalyzing both personal and collective growth. As the psychedelic movement progresses, these events will continue to be pivotal in shaping its direction and impact.

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The Future Vision of District216 and Psychedelics​​

The future, as envisioned by Tell, is one where psychedelics play a pivotal role in our culture and society. District216 is at the forefront of this change, fostering a new culture that embraces creative and hopeful thinking. It’s not just about altering perceptions; it’s about reshaping our world.

Tell and District216 represent a paradigm shift in how we perceive and interact with psychedelics. Their vision is bold, and their mission is critical. For those intrigued by the potential of psychedelics to transform our world, District216 is not just a club; it’s a movement. Join the journey, expand your mind, and be part of this groundbreaking epoch.

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