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Markets for May 7: $TRYP +21.74% $FTRP -1.73% $CMPS -6.12%

The post Markets for May 7: $TRYP +21.74% $FTRP -1.73% $CMPS -6.12% appeared first on Microdose Psychedelic Insights.



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It’s Friday folks, and the psychedelic markets continue to be indecisive. Fluctuating between green and red, the overall trend was downwards as shown by Horizon’s PSYK ETF dropping over 6% this week.

Major movers on Friday were MindCure and Hollister Biosciences seeing some nice gains, with big boys MindMed Compass Pathways sliding red (MindMed in particular continued its week-long, post-Nasdaq, slide).

The biggest recent news was MindMed announcing its launching of Project Angie, a preclinical program to study the treatment of pain with LSD. This would add another potentially lucrative product to the company’s portfolio.

At Microdose we published features looking at “The Science of Psychedelics: Exploring Mechanism of Action of the “Classic Psychedelics” and how ATAI’s big IPO will affect market leaders like MindMed.

Here are the big news items from this week:

Small Pharma Commences Trading on the TSX Venture Exchange
Successful listing on TSXV advances Small Pharma’s bold vision to revolutionize the treatment of patients with mental health conditions through psychedelic-assisted therapies.

Field Trip Health Announces DTC Eligibility
Joseph del Moral, CEO of Field Trip, said, “DTC eligibility simplifies the process of transferring the Company’s shares between brokerages in the US and speeds up the execution of trades. We are pleased to become DTC eligible.

Small Pharma Provides Update to Patent Portfolio Including Receipt of an in Order for Grant Notice
Small Pharma has received an in order for grant notice in the United Kingdom for one of its patents related to psychedelic tryptamines. This UK patent will be the first one to receive an in order for grant notice from within the Company’s growing patent portfolio for psychedelic-based medicines.

Nova Mentis Launches Autism Clinical Study
Nova Mentis Life Science announces that its North American autism clinical study has been listed on Clinical Trials (NCT04869930), a database of privately and publicly funded clinical studies conducted around the world.

Mydecine Announces Partnership with LeadGen Labs
Mydecine Innovations Group has announced a partnership with LeadGen Labs to support Mydecine’s novel psychedelic drug development efforts and increase the number of novel molecules the Company can synthesize concurrently.

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The post Markets for May 7: $TRYP +21.74% $FTRP -1.73% $CMPS -6.12% appeared first on Microdose Psychedelic Insights.

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