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Mushrooms Inc (OTC:MSRM) Announces Full Patent Filing for Groundbreaking Mycelium Technology Providing Bacterial Detection and Nutrient Delivery

Mushrooms Inc. , ( OTC: MSRM ) a leader in mycelium research and development, proudly announces the successful filing of its non-provisional patent,…



Mushrooms Inc. , ( OTC: MSRM ) a leader in mycelium research and development, proudly announces the successful filing of its non-provisional patent, titled “METHOD OF GENERATING MULTIFUNCTIONAL MYCELIUM PRODUCTS”. This revolutionary patent showcases a unique approach to bacterial detection and nutrient delivery, marking a significant shift from the company’s previous provisional filing.

“With the Phase 1 plan for our patent, we are channeling our efforts into a medical bandage equipped with real-time bacterial detection. This represents a monumental leap in healthcare innovation. Beyond just pinpointing infections early, our aim is to redefine how we engage with, monitor, and tackle bacterial infections. The implications are profound: early detection means prompt intervention, potentially averting complications, and halting outbreaks in their tracks. Imagine a bandage that changes colors to alert doctors to infections before they become serious while steadily releasing essential nutrients to improve health. This has the potential to be the next frontier in proactive and integrated healthcare.”

Kimberly Carlson, CEO of MSRM

“The Fungal Kingdom has unlimited magnitude to offer humans, some are even novel biological benefits which are strengthening the healing power it brings to us. It has existed for over a billion years accumulating enormous therapeutic potential. Our patent pending method is not just an evolution but a revolution in mycelium applications. We are working with this ancient knowledge to bridge time and technology for the betterment of our world.”

-Dr. Hyder Ali Khoja, the senior lead scientist on the project

Maqsad Suriev, lead chemist on the project, shared, “It is a fascinating phenomenon of materials sciences and we have been fortunate enough to harness the power of mycelium to create multifunctional products, including those used to detect the presence of bacteria and deliver essential nutrients. This breakthrough not only enhances medical intervention but has the potential to save countless lives through early detection of infections.”

Donald Steinberg, board director of MSRM, emphasized the broader implications: “Beyond the immediate applications which are incredibly powerful, our technology represents a paradigm shift in textiles and product development. This is the future, and Mushrooms Inc is paving the way.”

Mushrooms Inc’s non-provisional patent centers around methods that generate multifunctional mycelium products capable of bacterial detection and nutrient delivery. With applications spanning healthcare, aerospace, lifestyle, and more, this technology is set to make significant inroads across various industries.

In the near future, Mushrooms Inc plans to delve deeper into its business plan, highlighting its phase 1 product launch— a revolutionary bandage equipped with real-time bacterial detection. This unveiling promises to offer a more detailed insight into how the company envisions bringing this pioneering technology to the medical world and beyond.

The newly filed patent, stands independent of the provisional patent, embodying the collective intelligence and innovative contributions of four esteemed inventors: Kimberly Carlson, Dr. Hyder Ali Khoja, Maqsad Suriev, and Donald Steinberg.

Mushrooms Inc extends its gratitude to its dedicated team, partners, and supporters. Their commitment to innovation, combined with a relentless pursuit of excellence, has positioned the company at the forefront of mycelium technology development.

About Mushrooms Inc.

Mushrooms Inc. OTC: MSRM ) is a publicly traded company on the OTC Markets with the stock symbol MSRM and is the first industrial mushroom company to be listed on a public exchange. Mushrooms Inc. is a pioneering biotech company, deeply entrenched in the world of mycology. Our primary mission is to harness the transformative potential of Mycelium, especially for groundbreaking applications in the healthcare sector. Our dedicated R&D endeavors are underpinned by advanced technology, ensuring rigorous testing and validation of the manifold health benefits of mushrooms, thereby leading to the formulation of scientifically-backed supplements.

Our recent patent underscores our innovation-driven ethos, detailing novel methods for bacterial detection and nutrient delivery using mycelium. This patent stands as a testament to our commitment to intertwining age-old wisdom with contemporary technological advancements, aiming to revolutionize healthcare interventions and amplify overall well-being.

Inspired by the vision and resilience of mycology pioneers, Mushrooms Inc. establishes robust partnerships, resulting in products that champion both human health and environmental sustainability.

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