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Psychedelic Spotlight: Return Health

The post Psychedelic Spotlight: Return Health appeared first on Microdose.

This week’s Psychedelic Spotlight is Return Health. What’s your company…



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The post Psychedelic Spotlight: Return Health appeared first on Microdose.

This week’s Psychedelic Spotlight is Return Health.

What’s your company vision?

Our vision is to make the world a much better place for people and their families suffering from dementia through developing a safe and effective pharmaceutical.

Why was your company started?

We started with the recognition that no one was capitalizing on the promising research using psychedelic drugs to treat dementia, which is an exceedingly large business opportunity. The human toll of this degenerative brain disorder is too grievous to ignore when we saw the potential to change the paradigm.

What’s been the biggest challenge so far?

Raising the initial financing is a struggle for nearly all companies. We fight the battle of people taking our drug development program seriously. When you try something new, it is common for there to be some level of disbelief, ie if what you were doing were so great, why hasn’t anyone else done it before. It requires tremendous activation energy to overcome the inherent inertia.

What excites you most?

I enjoy the fact that every day is a series of new challenges and you get to meet new people constantly and talk science and medicine with them. Victory is won in these small interactions. At the end of the day, biotech is a people business as much as laboratory research.

What is your biggest lesson learned when raising capital?

Don’t take rejection personally. Always thank people for their time. If they offer a reason for their rejection, accept it and see if it is a theme that requires the company to address. Work hard to prove those that turn you down wrong.

Did you notice any type of investor differences while raising money?

One thing I try to do either prior to meeting an investor or when first introduced is to find out their level of scientific experience. That greatly impacts how granular to go with the science. If you get someone to talk about themselves as part of an introduction, clues can be gained. Investors generally fall into different categories and it is important to listen to gain that information.

Describe your business model in 10 words or less

Psychedelic drug development for dementia.

What tips would you give founders entering fundraising?

Be relentless optimistic. Demonstrate energy and enthusiasm. Know your material inside and out. Be factual. Don’t oversell. Don’t knock the competition. If you don’t know something, say so. Sometimes a difficult question is asked as a test of integrity. Investors primarily invest in the jockey, not the horse.


We’d like to thank Return Health for being a part of the Psychedelic Spotlight series. Stay tuned for weekly profiles on leaders in the psychedelic industry, and check out the Psychedelic Directory to learn more about Return Health.

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