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Cannabis and Psychedelics Join Forces at the Arcview Access & Cannabis Investment Summit

The cannabis and psychedelics industries are converging—and it should come as no surprise… After all, they have a lot in common… As more and more…



The cannabis and psychedelics industries are converging—and it should come as no surprise… After all, they have a lot in common…

As more and more research shows their profound medicinal and therapeutic effects, investors, entrepreneurs, lawmakers, and the medical community alike are pushing for widespread legalization to bring them to the mainstream.

And it’s clear from the numbers that their efforts are paying off—both markets are seeing massive growth…

According to Grandview Research, the U.S. cannabis market, already worth $10.8 billion in 2021, is expected to grow at a rate of 14.9% per year through 2030.

While the therapeutic psychedelics industry isn’t quite as large (yet)—worth $3.61 billion in 2021, according to Bloomberg—it’s expected to grow nearly as quickly… with an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.2% through 2028, to $8.31 billion (other estimates put these numbers even higher). And in 2020, private psychedelics companies raised well over $220 million from investors.

Considering their widespread therapeutic benefits and massive growth potential, it makes perfect sense that these sectors are beginning to merge—with established cannabis companies already expressing interest in expanding into the psychedelic space.

The Arcview Group—a first full-scale cannabis ecosystem—and Nucleus—a psychedelics ecosystem—are partnering to bring this convergence to the forefront with the Arcview Access & Cannabis Investment Summit.

The event will be held December 7–9 at the brand-new, luxurious Loews Coral Gables Hotel in Miami, Florida. It will feature panels and workshops hosted by industry experts covering everything you need to know about the industries—whether you’re an investor, an entrepreneur, a regulator, or you’re simply interested in learning more about psychedelics and cannabis.

The first day of the summit will begin with a pool-side reception.

Day 2 will cover wide-ranging topics including:

  • How the U.S. cannabis industry is set to grow
  • The SAFE Banking Act—prevents the federal government from interfering with banking services for legitimate cannabis companies
  • President Biden’s pardon to all U.S. citizens convicted of simple marijuana possession
  • Regulatory updates out of south and southeastern U.S. states
  • Regional investment opportunities in the cannabis space

This day will also include the “Planting Seeds” pitch competition, where established, operating companies can present their businesses to potential investors. (You can find out more and apply for the competition here—if you’re accepted for the competition, your attendance at the summit will be comped.)

Day 3 of the event will include sessions on:

  • Best business practices, including hiring, management, marketing, and sales
  • Best capital-raising practices for your business
  • Product manufacturing and plant cultivation

There will also be a special psychedelic panel hosted by Nucleus co-founder Dustin Robinson, including speakers from Psilera, Clairvoyant, and NueLife, covering:

  • The regulatory landscape of the psychedelic industry
  • Investment opportunities in the psychedelic space
  • How each of these companies are approaching their businesses
  • Challenges in the psychedelic space—and how business leaders are overcoming them

Lunch will be provided, and exhibits and shopping opportunities will be open and available throughout the summit—not to mention countless networking opportunities with some of the industry leaders, innovators, and venture capitalists in the cannabis and psychedelic spaces.

And if you’re interested in building your brand’s visibility, you can become an event sponsor or set up your own exhibit. Learn how here

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity to access some of the biggest names—and most critical information—in the cannabis and psychedelic spaces.

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