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12 More Companies Added to Psychedelic Invest Index

We’re excited to welcome 12 new companies to the Psychedelic Invest Index – the first and most comprehensive index covering the entire publicly traded…



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We’re excited to welcome 12 new companies to the Psychedelic Invest Index – the first and most comprehensive index covering the entire publicly traded psychedelics market. In total, the index now comprises 51 constituents.
The latest additions include:
  • Ticker(s): ASX:CPH, OTC:COPHF
  • IPO Date: October 2016
  • Focus/ Sector: Psilocybin, LSD, MDMA, Cannabis
  • Investor Note: Creso became the Australian Securities Exchange’s (ASX) first psychedelics stock by way of its acquisition of Canadian psychedelic medicine company, Halucenex, in March 2021.
  • Ticker(s): CSE:OPTI, OTC:OPTHF
  • IPO Date: February 2021
  • Focus/ Sector: Psilocybin, Psilocin
  • Investor Note: Optimi Health is preparing to launch its business through the construction of two 10,000 sq. ft. facilities in British Columbia – which will house their home-grown mushrooms.
  • Ticker(s): TSXV:LBL
  • IPO Date: August 1996
  • Focus/ Sector: Regenerative Medicine
  • Investor Note: Lattice focuses on cellular therapies and tissue engineering. On March 15th, 2021 they shifted focus to “the research and commercialization of psychedelic products.”
  • Ticker(s): OTC:CURR
  • IPO Date: January  2017
  • Focus/ Sector: Drug Delivery, Pharmaceuticals
  • Investor Note: On Mar 16, 2021, Cure Pharmaceutical announced a new initiative for the clinical development of psychedelic compounds such as psilocybin, LSD, and MDMA.
  • Ticker(s): OTC:ALID
  • IPO Date: August  2019
  • Focus/ Sector: Psilocybin, Cannabis
  • Investor Note: Primarily a cannabis company, on March 18, 2021, Allied began shifting to focus on Psilocybin as well.
  • Ticker(s): CSE:AGN
  • IPO Date: February 2016
  • Focus/ Sector: DMT
  • Investor Note: Algernon will be working to unlock DMT’s non-psychedelic potential to help promote healing and recovery in the brain from a stroke, one of the most devastating injuries a human being can experience
  • Ticker(s): CSE:DRUG
  • IPO Date: February 2021
  • Focus/ Sector: “Next Generation” Psychedelics
  • Investor Note: The company is working on engineering “psilocybin-like” compounds that are stripped of potential toxicities in order to reduce unwanted side effects and accentuate positive therapeutic properties.
  • Ticker(s): CSE:WESA
  • IPO Date: May 10, 2021
  • Focus/ Sector: Psilocybin
  • Investor Note: After retiring from professional hockey, two-time Stanley Cup winner Daniel Carcillo launched Wesana to research and treat traumatic brain injury (TBI) using psychedelics.
  • Ticker(s): TSXV:DMT
  • IPO Date: May 2021
  • Focus/ Sector: DMT
  • Ticker(s): CSE:PSYG
  • IPO Date: January 2021
  • Focus/ Sector: Psilocybin, Cultivation, Retreats, Clinics
  • Ticker(s): TSXV:PSYB
  • IPO Date: February 2021
  • Focus/ Sector: Psilocybin, DMT, Tryptamine
  • Ticker(s): CSE:DELC, OTC:DELCF
  • IPO Date: November 2020
  • Focus/ Sector: Media, E-commerce and Events
The recent additions have been made effective, or otherwise backdated, to May 1, 2021.

A Couple Changes At The Top

Other than the addition of new constituents, there’s been a few changes to the index worth noting since our last update.
MindMed, for example, was recently uplisted to the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol MNMD, allowing the company to gain exposure to millions of new investors. Due to the increase in volume and share prices, the company is now trading in lockstep with COMPASS Pathways (CMPS) based on market capitalization.
Additionally, after what was a nearly year-long trading halt imposed by both the Ontario Securities Commission and the British Columbia Securities Commission, Champignon Brands, resumed trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange last month. Since trading has resumed, the stock, which was once consistently in the top 5 holdings by market capitalization, has slid nearly 50%. The company also renamed itself to Braxia Scientific Corp and is now trading under the ticker symbol BRAX.
The PI Index has changed the exchange listings to reflect both of these changes.
Despite the influx of companies entering the space, the Psychedelic Invest Index is down 10% YTD with an average 30-day volume of just over $200 million. Look out for further updates and more deep-dive analysis in the months ahead.

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