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Best Psychedelic Retreats in Spain

Explore transformative psychedelic retreats in Spain. Experience self-discovery and growth at Acsauhaya, Rejuvyn, and Avalon in serene, supportive set…



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In recent years, the quest for personal growth and spiritual awakening has led many to explore the profound world of psychedelic retreats. Among the myriad destinations for such transformative journeys, Spain emerges as an ideal location for those seeking enlightenment amidst its natural beauty and cultural richness. 

Psychedelic retreats in Spain are not just about the substances consumed; they are holistic experiences that blend ancient shamanic traditions with modern therapeutic practices. These retreats provide safe and controlled environments where individuals can explore their consciousness under the guidance of experienced facilitators. 

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The Appeal of Spain for Psychedelic Retreats

Spain’s allure as a hub for psychedelic retreats extends far beyond its scenic landscapes and agreeable climate. It’s a place where the ancient and the modern intertwine, creating a crossover among cultural, historical, and spiritual significance—an ideal setting for the transformative journey that psychedelic retreats offer.

Natural Beauty and Serenity

Spain’s diverse natural beauty offers the perfect backdrop for deep introspective work. From the serene, sun-kissed beaches of the Mediterranean coast to the majestic, tranquil mountains of the Pyrenees, each setting provides a unique canvas for the mind-expanding experiences of psychedelic retreats. 

The tranquil surroundings not only enhance the introspective experience but also promote a sense of connection with nature, which is a fundamental aspect of many psychedelic therapies.

Cultural Richness

Spain’s rich cultural heritage adds another layer of depth to the psychedelic experience. The country’s history is a mosaic of various influences —Roman, Moorish, and Christian—each leaving its mark in the form of art, architecture, and traditions. 

This cultural richness provides a unique context for individuals to explore and connect with human history and spirituality, enhancing the depth and meaning of their psychedelic experiences.

Legal Considerations

Spain presents a relatively favorable legal environment for certain psychedelics, particularly those used in structured, ceremonial contexts. While it’s crucial for participants and retreat organizers to be fully aware of and compliant with local laws, Spain’s legal landscape generally permits the use of some natural psychedelics within the framework of retreats. 

This legal tolerance allows for a safer and more open environment for these practices, contributing to Spain’s growing popularity as a destination for psychedelic retreats.

Experienced Facilitators and Holistic Approach

Spanish retreats often boast experienced facilitators who blend traditional shamanic practices with contemporary therapeutic techniques. This holistic approach ensures that participants receive not just the psychedelic experience but also the emotional and psychological support necessary for true transformation. 

The integration of practices like meditation, yoga, and nature therapy with psychedelic sessions enriches the overall experience, facilitating deeper insights and long-lasting personal growth.

Top Psychedelic Retreats in Spain

If you are considering a psychedelic retreat in Spain, here are our top choices based on professionalism, location, accommodations, and quality of the experience. 

Acsauhaya Centre of Consciousness

Location: Andalusian Hills, Spain

Price:  €1,250 – €2,850 depending on retreat option

Retreat Options:

  • 5-day Retreat plus Preparation & Integration Program
  • 2-day Women’s Psilocybin Retreat
  • 3-day Psilocybin Retreat
  • 4-day Psilocybin Retreat
  • 3-day Psilocybin Retreat
  • 5-day Ayahuasca and San Pedro Retreat
  • 1-day (private) Psilocybin or Ayahuasca Retreat

Learn More: Visit Ascauhaya Centre of Consciousness website

Set in the heart of Andalusia, Spain, the Acsauhaya Centre of Consciousness is a boutique villa offering an exclusive and intimate retreat experience. With its luxurious accommodations, including private and shared rooms, a crystalline pool, expansive garden property, and the blissful Mediterranean sun, the center provides a serene setting for transformative journeys.

They offer experiences in a group of no more than eight people, ensuring a personalized and profound journey. They offer multiple types of ayahuasca or psilocybin retreats, each integrating yoga, breathwork, meditation, and sound healing ceremonies to complement the psychedelic sessions.

The center emphasizes the importance of preparation and integration, with activities designed weeks before and after the ceremonies. Clean, healthy meals are served to nourish the body, while one-on-one meetings with facilitators offer personalized guidance and support, ensuring a holistic approach to wellness.

At Acsauhaya Centre of Consciousness, participants find a blend of luxury and spiritual depth, creating an ideal environment for those seeking meaningful psychedelic experiences in the tranquility of Spain’s natural beauty.


Location: Andalusian Hills, Spain

Price: €1,850 – €7,250 depending on retreat option

Retreat Options:

  • 3-day Psilocybin Retreat
  • 4-day Psilocybin Retreat
  • 5-day Psilocybin Retreat
  • 4-day Private Psilocybin Retreat

Learn More: Visit the Rejuvyn website

Rejuvyn offers a sanctuary for profound personal growth through holistic psilocybin retreats in Spain’s serene landscape of the Andalusian Hills. With a focus on deep healing, their programs blend powerful psychedelic experiences with full-spectrum support for a transformative journey.

In their three to five-day retreats, limited to eight participants for intimacy, Rejuvyn facilitates a unique exploration of the self. Each retreat includes impactful psilocybin sessions led by seasoned facilitators, personal dialogues, and individualized sessions, all designed to foster meaningful transformation.

The retreats are set in a tranquil, luxurious setting, conducive to introspection and solitude. Participants are assured of receiving attentive care, making the experience not only transformative but also comforting. 

Rejuvyn’s retreats are meticulously curated to liberate individuals from limiting patterns, equipping them with tools for self-narration and empowerment. This journey into the depths of consciousness promises renewed perspective and clarity, making it a profound experience of personal insight and transformation. In addition, Rejuvyn offers integration support for several months post-ceremony.

Avalon Retreats

Location: Barcelona and Ibiza, Spain

Price: €249 – €3,540 depending on retreat option

Retreat Options:

  • 4-day Ayahuasca Retreat 2480
  • 6-day Ayahuasca Retreat 3320
  • 1-day Magic Mushroom Ceremony 249
  • 1-day Bufo Alvarius Ceremony 359
  • 1-day San Pedro Retreat on a Catamaran 699

Learn More: Visit Avalon’s website

Avalon Retreats offers a unique journey of self-discovery through ayahuasca, bufo, and magic mushroom ceremonies. With a mission to awaken, clean, grow, and show up, Avalon provides a nurturing environment for profound emotional healing and spiritual growth.

Centered around heart-led healing, Avalon prioritizes personal stories and transformations. Their holistic approach combines traditional ceremonies with modern therapeutic techniques, ensuring meaningful and lasting change.

The retreat takes place in a rustic 4-star boutique hotel surrounded by the tranquil Carmany green belt. Guests enjoy luxurious accommodations with private terraces, outdoor hammock areas, pools, and a sauna, enhancing the healing experience.

Avalon’s retreats, limited to small groups for a more intimate experience, include a range of activities including:

  • Multiple ayahuasca and rapé ceremonies for deep introspection
  • Personalized integration workshops and one-on-one sessions
  • Therapies like holotropic breathwork, yoga, and meditation for holistic well-being
  • Nutritious meals and accommodations, ensuring a comfortable stay

At Avalon, guests embark on a transformative journey supported by experienced facilitators and a breathtaking natural setting. This retreat offers an opportunity to reconnect with oneself and nature, leading to lasting personal growth and enlightenment.

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What to Expect at a Psychedelic Retreat

Embarking on a psychedelic retreat in Spain is a journey into the depths of your mind and soul. It’s an experience that combines ancient wisdom with modern therapeutic practices in some of the most serene and culturally rich settings. For those planning to attend a psychedelic retreat in Spain, here’s an overview of what you can typically expect.

Holistic Activities and Therapies

Central to these retreats are the guided sessions using psychedelics. Depending on the retreat, this could involve substances like psilocybin mushrooms, San Pedro, or ayahuasca, administered in a safe, controlled, and supportive environment. 

There are often ceremonial practices involving singing or music, smudging, prayers, and intention setting. Retreats often incorporate meditation and mindfulness as integral components of the experience. These practices help in grounding participants, enhancing the introspective aspect of the psychedelic experience.

Post-session group discussions and workshops are also common. These are designed to help participants process and integrate their experiences, often leading to profound insights and personal breakthroughs.

Safety Measures and Professional Guidance

Psychedelic retreats in Spain are typically led by experienced facilitators or therapists who guide participants through their journey, ensuring safety and offering support.

In addition, most retreats conduct thorough medical screenings beforehand. During the sessions, expert supervision is provided to handle any psychological or physical reactions that may occur.

A Transformative and Supportive Environment

The communal aspect of these retreats fosters a sense of shared experience and support. It’s common to form deep connections with fellow participants, creating a network of support that often extends beyond the retreat.

Given Spain’s natural beauty, many retreats include activities that involve connecting with nature, such as nature walks or outdoor meditation, enhancing the healing and grounding effects of the retreat.

Potential for Personal Transformation

The effects of these retreats can be profound and long-lasting. Participants often report significant shifts in perspective, emotional healing, increased self-awareness, and a deeper sense of connection with themselves and the world.

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Preparing for a Psychedelic Retreat in Spain

Embarking on a psychedelic retreat can be a transformative experience, requiring thoughtful preparation. If you’re planning to attend a psychedelic retreat in Spain, here are some key steps and considerations to ensure you are fully prepared for the journey.

Mental and Emotional Readiness

  • Set Clear Intentions: Before attending a retreat, it’s important to reflect on your goals and intentions. Ask yourself what you hope to achieve or learn from the experience.
  • Openness to the Experience: Approach the retreat with an open mind and heart. Be prepared to embrace whatever experiences and emotions may arise.
  • Understanding the Process: Familiarize yourself with the psychedelic experience. Reading about others’ experiences or speaking to individuals who have attended similar retreats can be helpful.

Physical Preparation

  • Follow Dietary Guidelines: Most retreats provide dietary guidelines to prepare your body for the experience. This often includes avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and certain medications.
  • Rest and Relaxation: Ensure you’re well-rested before the retreat. A relaxed and healthy state of body can significantly enhance your experience.
  • Medical Consultation: If you have any health concerns or are taking medication, it’s crucial to consult a healthcare professional and inform the retreat facilitators.

Legal and Health Considerations

  • Understand the Legal Aspects: Be aware of the legal status of psychedelics in Spain and ensure that the retreat operates within legal boundaries.
  • Choose Reputable Retreats: Research and choose retreats that prioritize participant safety, have experienced facilitators, and offer post-retreat support.

Packing Essentials

  • Comfortable Clothing: Pack comfortable clothing suitable for the climate and activities planned during the retreat.
  • Personal Items: Bring any personal items that you might need, such as prescription glasses, medication, or a journal.

Mindset and Expectations

  • Embrace Uncertainty: Understand that psychedelic experiences are highly individual and can be unpredictable.
  • Letting Go of Expectations: While it’s good to have intentions, it’s equally important to let go of specific expectations about the experience and outcomes.
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The Essence of Psychedelic Retreats in Spain

Spain’s psychedelic retreats, like Acsauhaya, Rejuvyn, and Avalon, offer transformative journeys amidst its natural beauty. These retreats blend ancient wisdom and modern healing practices, providing a profound experience of self-discovery and emotional growth. 

In Spain’s serene landscapes, participants engage in meaningful psychedelic experiences guided by experts, enriched with holistic activities. These retreats are not just about altered states of consciousness; they are pathways to deeper self-awareness and spiritual awakening, making them ideal for those seeking personal transformation in a nurturing environment.

If you’re feeling called to work with the medicine, explore one of the incredible options above and begin your journey. 

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