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Christi Myers Believes in the Power of Dissociative Therapy – Podcast Episode #37

On this episode of the Psychedelic Invest Podcast, host Bruce Eckfeldt is joined by Christi Myers, the author of The Founder and CEO of Flow Integrative….



On this episode of the Psychedelic Invest Podcast, host Bruce Eckfeldt is joined by Christi Myers, the author of The Founder and CEO of Flow Integrative.

Christi is a passionate advocate for the human potential and the transformative benefits of psychedelic wellness. As the Founder and CEO of Flow Integrative, she has dedicated herself to creating a platform that supports individuals on their journey towards healing and self-discovery.

Christi embodies resilience and determination. Her experiences have shaped her into a compassionate and empathetic guide for those seeking transformational healing.

Having served as a Tenure Professor and Assistant Director of Emergency Medicine for over 20 years, Christi brings a wealth of expertise to her work. Her focused training credentials enable her to “help the help,” providing vital supportive services for front-line workers and service men and women who face chronic and complex trauma in their devoted line of work.

Christi has undergone thorough training in integrative treatment modalities, including psychotherapy, recognizing the invaluable role that psychedelics like Ketamine hold in unlocking deep and successful treatment outcomes. Her comprehensive approach combines evidence-based practices with the power of psychedelics to create a holistic and transformative healing experience.

As a Licensed Paramedic and Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional, Christi possesses the skills and knowledge to provide exceptional care. Additionally, she is certified as a provider of Neurogen Brain Balancing, enhancing her ability to address the complexities of the human mind.

Christi’s commitment to continuous growth and education is evident in her certifications in Nutritional and Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Professionals, as well as Compassion Fatigue Training for Healthcare, Mental Health, and Care Professionals. This dedication allows her to provide comprehensive support and address the unique needs of individuals on their healing journeys.

With a Master of Science in Leadership, a Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Administration, and an Associate’s degree in Paramedic & Fire Technology, Christi’s academic achievements reflect her drive to excel and make a positive impact in the field of psychedelic wellness.

Through her work as a Psychedelic Consultant and Facilitator, Christi Myers is changing lives and empowering individuals to access their innate capacity for healing and personal growth. Her role as the Founder and CEO of Flow Integrative amplifies her vision of a world where psychedelic wellness is embraced, and individuals can unlock their highest potential.

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