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Enthea, Dr. Bronner’s Post ‘Eye-Opening’ Results from Year-Long Ketamine Trial

Two-thirds of participants with major depressive disorder or generalized anxiety disorder reported improvement.
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Enthea, a legal insurance provider that covers ketamine-assisted therapy, announced Wednesday that a groundbreaking year-long study that offered treatments to employees of California-based Dr. Bronner’s soap company revealed “eye-opening” results.

The experimental coverage program, which launched in January 2022 as an “ancillary benefit” and had zero cost for Dr. Bronner’s employees, found that only 7% of eligible employees utilized the ketamine regimen, but of those, improvement was observed in:

  • 86% with post-traumatic stress disorder
  • 67% with major depressive disorder
  • 65% with generalized anxiety disorder

“While not everyone experiences such deep healing, many of our team members have reported dramatic improvements in their lives as a result of ketamine-assisted therapy,” David Bronner, the cosmic engagement officer at Dr. Bronner’s, said in a statement.

The ketamine treatments were overseen by San Diego-based Flow Integrative.

Based on the results, Enthea partnered with yet another employer interested in adding similar psychedelic offerings to its employee benefit package: mental wellness provider Nue Life. The partnership will offer telemedicine and at-home treatment models for those interested in ketamine regimens.

The new partnership “begins with a limited rollout that will allow patients to be safely and conveniently treated in the comfort of their own homes,” according to a press release.

Ketamine-assisted therapies often “support improved productivity, increase employee retention rates, lower medical costs, and a more engaged workforce overall,” Enthea asserted in its release.

The cost of such treatments is still a major obstacle for many, since most insurers won’t cover psychedelic treatments. Ketamine-assisted therapy typically costs into the range of $750 to $1,000 per session. And patients typically need four to six sessions, according to a report from Water Tower Research.

But a spokesperson for Enthea confirmed that none of the Dr. Bronner’s employees had to pay any amount out of pocket thanks to the insurance coverage.

“All treatments were 100% covered by Dr. Bronner’s,” the spokesperson wrote in an email to Green Market Report.

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