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Field Trip Announces New Ketamine Therapy Program: Freedom by Field Trip™

The article Field Trip Announces New Ketamine Therapy Program: Freedom by Field Trip™ was originally published on Microdose.

Field Trip Announces the…



The article Field Trip Announces New Ketamine Therapy Program: Freedom by Field Trip™ was originally published on Microdose.

Field Trip Announces the Launch of Freedom by Field Trip, a First-of-Its-Kind Ketamine Therapy Program


The One Year Wellness Journey Blends Field Trip’s Proven Ketamine-Assisted Therapies with a Holistic Membership Program to Help People Heal and Make Lasting Change


TORONTO, Nov. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Field Trip Health & Wellness Ltd. (TSX-V: FTHW) (“Field Trip” or the “Company”), a global leader in the delivery of psychedelic therapies, today launched Freedom by Field Trip (the “Program”), a first-of-its-kind one-year hybrid ketamine therapy program that blends the power of psychedelic-assisted therapies with holistic wellness support such as meditations, nutrition classes, integration therapy, breathwork, somatic movement therapy, community talks, and membership events. The Program, which offers people the ability to participate in ketamine therapy at-home or in one of Field Trip’s locations, is designed to increase accessibility to psychedelic-assisted therapy for those suffering from mild to moderate depression, anxiety, and trauma and support it with a holistic approach to mental health and well-being.

“When you live in a world where a quarter of your community will experience depression, yet antidepressants perform no better than placebo in 85 percent of cases1, we don’t just need new medicines, we need a whole new approach to mental health,” said Ronan Levy, Chairman and CEO of Field Trip. “With our current immersive in-person ketamine-assisted therapies, 93 percent of our clients experience noticeable improvement immediately after treatment, and the majority of clients sustain their progress for more than four months. This led us to launch Freedom by Field Trip, which enables us to expand beyond our physical footprint and amplify the power of our therapies with flexibility, accessibility and a truly holistic approach to healing.”

The Program provides up to 12 at-home or in-person ketamine exploration dosing sessions per year, medical supervision to customize the ketamine explorations and one-on-one integration therapy sessions as well as unlimited group integration sessions with licensed therapists.

Uniquely, the Program is divided into three “chapters” that are intentionally delivered on a week-by-week basis to optimize the effects of the ketamine, enhance neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to heal and form new neural connections) and improve mental wellness:

  • Chapter 1: Awaken – in months 1-3, clients follow Field Trip’s evidence-based ketamine-assisted therapy protocol and begin with six low-dose ketamine explorations designed to prompt introspective thinking and remove mental obstacles, supported by integration therapy, journaling, meditation, and wellness classes.
  • Chapter 2: Strengthen: in months 4-6, through continued classes, one-on-one therapy, group integration circles, and daily practice, clients will create and strengthen healthier thought patterns and experience an increase in neuroplasticity.
  • Chapter 3: Deepen: in months 7 – 12, clients will continue weekly wellness programming and, subject to medical approval, complete six additional ketamine explorations to enhance personal growth, extend the results of treatment, and solidify the progress that has been made.

Freedom by Field Trip redefines how we think about treating depression, anxiety, trauma and other mental health conditions. It not only democratizes access to psychedelic therapies by providing flexibility of location and an affordable monthly membership-based fee structure, it also breaks down the walls between different healing modalities and unites them in a single program,” added Dr. Monique Moller, a practicing physician at Field Trip and the Company’s Vice President of Integrated Health. “While there is no magic bullet for mental health, this is the kind of innovation the world needs: the power of psychedelic therapies combined with other healing modalities, all with significantly fewer barriers. It gives people the freedom to access deeper, more complete healing so they can live their lives free of depression, anxiety and trauma.”

Freedom by Field Trip will initially be available in California and Washington State and the Company expects to rollout to additional jurisdictions in 2023. At launch, the monthly fee for the Program will be $299.

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