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Having Sex on Shrooms: Good or Bad Idea?

Is having sex on shrooms a good idea or an accident waiting to happen? Find out in our guide to sex on magic mushrooms.



Everybody remembers their first time: Their first time having sex. Their first time tripping on magic mushrooms. What both experiences share is their significant impact on an individual’s unique journey of self-discovery.

What to Expect When You Have Sex on Magic Mushrooms

In order to learn and grow, one must experience both positive and negative consequences. This certainly applies to both sex and to psychedelic trips. When we learn the subtle arts of surrender and communication, we are able to transform them into positive exchanges of discovery. That being said, the first rule of sex on magic mushrooms is: Don’t have expectations. In fact, it is advised that you dissolve any constructs of sex and drugs altogether before journeying into such potentially ecstatic dimensions. Intimacy and sexuality take on a whole new meaning when one commits to a magic mushroom exploration. Let’s just say … things can get weird.

Cosmic Lust

Magic mushrooms allow people to tap in and rediscover the organic sexuality that is our universal life force, that “thing” that connects us all. As an anonymous psychonaut once said, magic mushroom trips tend to feel like a subtle eight-hour-long orgasm. Indeed, the mushrooms can heighten your senses of this life force and leave you dripping in cosmic lust. The feeling of oneness with the cosmos that most people get while tripping is a result of their awakening to the universal sexual life force inside themselves. The Beatles’ song Because takes on a whole new meaning after a magic mushroom trip.

Because the world is round it turns me on.

—The Beatles

Beloved Travel Companions

Depending on how one is reacting to the mushroom, integrating a partner into your trip can enhance this cosmic feeling of oneness. Some cases call for alone time, which is okay, too. Learning to be alone is an important part of everyone’s sexual and psychedelic evolution. However, it isn’t out of the question to integrate sexual intercourse and magic mushrooms. In fact, there have been many veteran psychonauts who, along with their beloved travel companions, have had indescribable psychedelic sexual experiences. Typically, though, such experiences come with practice, divine timing, proper set and setting, and, of course, the right beloved travel companion. As stated above, dissolving previously held constructs of sex is important when journeying together. In some cases, a mushroom may show you that simply looking into the eyes of your lover can be an intense sexual experience. The experience doesn’t have to strictly be reserved for intercourse.

Creating Connections

Magic mushrooms do a great job of helping us break down the societal constructs of structured and/or pornographic sexual experiences. Earth to humans: sex isn’t just about racing to a climax! Sex is a journey of surrender, freedom, bliss, unity, and ecstasy. Below is a beautiful description of a personal psychedelic sexual experience, from an anonymous veteran mushroom goddess.

Sex on psilocybin was a very transformative experience for me. I spent the evening with my partner soaking in all the sounds, feelings, tastes, and emotions, within our little bubble and I felt every wall crumbling under the weight of our trip together. I felt the ideas pressed upon us by society melt away as our feminine and masculine selves blended effortlessly. However, I was not a woman and he was not a man; we were just us. I felt his bright pink, fiery feminine energy flowing through my body as my soft blue masculine energy dusted over him. Neither of us had any expectations of the other or our own selves. We simply were existing, not to please or to gain pleasure, but just to exist. It’s so heavy thinking about how much gender roles affect our everyday interactions and it was so freeing to shed those weights.

—Anonymous veteran mushroom goddess

Distorted Perception of Time

Due to the short attention span that comes with mushroom trips, a sexual exchange isn’t something you can plan. You may spend the majority of your trip so engrossed in the present moment of earthly beauty and nuances that sex isn’t something you can focus on long enough to complete the act. As the trip organically unfolds, it is best to communicate your needs and wants clearly to your partner. Veterans advise that the best time to give it a go for newcomers is on the comedown of the trip, or after the peak. Once you and your lover are more practiced and want to dive into sex while peaking, you’ll get to experience a raw, wild, and luscious terrain.

Is It Safe to Have Sex on Magic Mushrooms?

It is not advised to dive into having sexual intercourse while peaking, at least in your beginning, experimental phase. Mushrooms have the tendency to show us personal aspects of ourselves that need healing. Allow this process to fully happen, and integrate it into your day-to-day reality, so you can heal and evolve into different explorations of ecstasy and healing, which may include mushrooms and intimacy with a consenting lover. The word here is CONSENT!

Possible Physical Limitations

There are moments of peaking on psychedelics where you can find yourself traveling the multiverse and become nonverbal. There are also cases where inhibitions can be lowered, and you may participate in an activity you might later regret. This is why it is very important to practice safe set and setting while tripping. Love and trust the people you are journeying with, and set clear and positive intentions before indulging. Also, allow the mushrooms to show you—and fill you with—love, but be careful of falling in love too quickly. Everyone has a unique love language, and the mushroom has a unique language with each person. Remember: communication and consent. For all of you sweet, mushy lovers out there, please practice safe sex and be compassionate with one another.

Top Quotes About Having Sex on Magic Mushrooms

Sexuality is the glory of the living experience. Ecstasy is the contemplation of wholeness. That’s why when you experience ecstasy—when you contemplate wholeness—you come down remade in terms of the political and social arena because you have seen the larger picture.

—Annie Sprinkle, How Psychedelics Informed My Sex Life and Sex Work

People tend to link “sex and drugs” because both are condemned by society. Nevertheless, throughout the ages, human beings have continually searched for more ecstasy, more sexual satisfaction, for solutions to their sexual problems, and for aphrodisiacs. Psychoactive substances have been used in most cultures because they can be keys to unlocking the mysteries of life. Of course, as each mystery is unraveled, a bunch of new ones appear. Both sex and psychedelics are ultimately about consciousness, about self-discovery, and going beyond everyday reality to that magical placesomewhere over the rainbow, where we feel Divine and we experience some truth. Granted, both sex and psychedelic drugs are generally used unconsciously by most people. We need to work on that.

—Annie Sprinkle, How Psychedelics Informed My Sex Life and Sex Work

“I think going to the Grave without having a Psychedelic Experience is like going to the Grave without ever having Sex. It means that you never Figured out what it is all about. The Mystery is in the Body and the way the Body Works itself into Nature.”

Terence McKenna

Few things feel better than getting high and getting laid.

David Jay Brown

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