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Healing at Scale with iSTRYM: AI-Driven Digital Therapeutics for Psychedelic Medicine

The post Healing at Scale with iSTRYM: AI-Driven Digital Therapeutics for Psychedelic Medicine appeared first on Microdose Psychedelic Insights.



The next generation of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapies is progressing hand-in-hand with evolution in cutting-edge digital therapeutics. When it comes to healing at scale, MINDCURE’s new tool, iSTRYM, is projected to facilitate just that. To streamline therapy in integrated therapy clinics, iSTRYM will provide robust digital tools to enhance the psychedelic-assisted therapy process for therapists and patients alike. This guide will explore some of the major highlights iSTRYM will offer and how they’re going to help shape the future of psychedelic medicine-assisted psychotherapy for the world at large.

Psychedelic Psychotherapy is the Next Generation of Personalized Mental Health Medicine

Psychedelic medicine is rapidly making a bold, evidence-based comeback. Leading research institutions around the world, from Johns Hopkins University to Imperial College London are rediscovering the powerfully therapeutic potential these drugs have in treating mental illness. From treatment-resistant depression to PTSD, drugs like psilocybin and MDMA are showing incredible efficacy in clinical trials in the curative treatment of humanity’s most challenging mental illnesses. While psychedelics remain, by and large, illegal across most of the world, they are rapidly progressing through modern clinical trials toward legalization in certain jurisdictions, and are poised to become the next generation of personalized mental health medicines.

Sophisticated Digital Infrastructure Is Necessary For the Future of Psychedelic Therapy

As the tide continues to turn in policy and public opinion alike regarding the therapeutic potential of psychedelic therapy, sophisticated digital infrastructure will be necessary to support this healthcare revolution. The vast amount of data needing to be collected and interpreted is reason enough to warrant the next generation of digital therapeutics. Luckily, bold companies like MINDCURE are pioneering the way. Their platform, iSTRYM, will collect biometric data from patients before, during, and after medicine sessions to help inform their therapists. Essentially, the digital platform will allow therapists to focus more on performing their “art” while iSTRYM does everything in between. The powerful AI-driven software has several other features that aim to assist patients as well.

mindcure speak AI iSTRYM

Speak AI Integration Allows for Patients to Effortlessly Capture Insights During Their Trip

Another fascinating feature of the iSTRYM app is the Speak AI integration feature, which allows for seamless voice-to-text transcription of anything the patient might say during their medicine experience. Their novel platform also captures sentiment, showing reports such as how many times someone repeated a word and what kind of emphasis was attached to that word. From the patient’s perspective, this allows them to integrate those revelations into their lives between sessions. The AI-driven technological features of iSTRYM don’t end there, however. Data surrounding the patient’s musical journey is hugely significant to iSTRYM’s protocol as well and another key feature worth exploring.

Modulating the Pivotal Role of Music During the Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Session

It is likely that just about anyone who has taken psychedelics can appreciate the incredibly important role of music during their experience. Indeed, as the medicine enhances and enriches the sensory experience, the music can often shape the patient’s experience in powerful ways. Through the accumulation of biometric data, gathered through wearable technology worn by the patient, iSTRYM’s partners, Speak AI and Lucid, work together to provide musical navigation both during and after the psychedelic experience.

iSTRYM will help patients access the music from their trips once again, including targeting the songs which played while they were doing the tough work they came here to do, to revisit those experiences. Similarly, if the psychedelic experience becomes too intense, the music can be modulated by the therapist based on biometric data being gathered.

mindcure music istrym

Integrating More Mindful Features into iSTRYM: Holotropic Breathwork Instruction

Another exciting new feature that is soon to be added to the iSTRYM app is virtual lessons from leading breathwork instructors. Holotropic breathwork has been and continues to be a fundamental and powerful part of psychedelic integration therapy. Thought leaders and breathwork pioneers, like Wim Hof, are opening the world to new possibilities of healing and psychedelic experiences, even without the use of drugs and only through the breath. By combining such powerful breathwork with psychedelic therapy, practitioners and patients alike can experience new levels of depth and connection to their healing. They can now confirm that one of their exciting instructors is Niraj, from SOMA, who will offer a custom experience precisely for iSTRYM listeners.

Strategic Partnerships Set Mind Cure Health Inc. Apart from the Competition

While long-term drug development plays may take several years before fully coming to fruition and generating revenue for investors, the MINDCURE team is making moves to become revenue positive out the gate. By teaming up with ATMA Journey Centers, they can install iSTRYM into integrated therapy clinics right away, helping the overall evolution of the psychedelic therapy landscape and their bottom line. Their partnership with ATMA will allow them to deploy their software into clinics by Q2 2021, allowing them to determine what works well and what needs improvement right away.

The post Healing at Scale with iSTRYM: AI-Driven Digital Therapeutics for Psychedelic Medicine appeared first on Microdose Psychedelic Insights.

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