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Here Are the Champions! Our Top Performing Stories in 2023

It has been quite a year – not just for the psychedelic industry, but also for humanity as a whole. Volatile might not be the most elegant word for it,…



It has been quite a year – not just for the psychedelic industry, but also for humanity as a whole. Volatile might not be the most elegant word for it, but the ebbs and flows have made life unpredictable.

At the end of every year, some people summarize the year. Others predict what’s to come for the following year. Overachieving experts like to do both.

In honor of all of the unexpected twists this year, we figured we’d summarize our top 5 industry stories from this year, in descending order.

October 11th, Webinar

Psychedelic data platform, Neuly, teamed up with the business conference, reMind, to host a remarkable webinar about education and training in the psychedelic industry. Over 700 people attended the live event and the feedback has been amazing since the broadcast. Perhaps this is why we have plans to roll out plenty more webinar events in 2024.

September 1, Article

If there was a single word that could summarize this year for psychedelic companies, it would be ‘consolidation.’ It was a year for acquisitions and for larger pharma companies to enter into the space through strategic alliances. It’s easy to predict that this pattern will continue in 2024, but we will hold on to hope that more capital is injected into the industry so that the small companies can survive to continue conducting their important drug development and research.

June 22, Article

Another important story from 2023 is MAPS and their progress toward seeking MDMA’s approval for the treatment of PTSD. In June, we made our predictions. The same month, MAPS hosted the Psychedelic Science conference in Denver, Colorado. More recently, MAPS filed an NDA a few weeks ago to signal that its submission to the FDA is complete. Because of all of this momentum, 2024 will be another critical year for MAPS and MDMA. We’re excited to see where this can take psychedelic-assisted therapy next year.

October 23, Report

Unless you’re new to Psychedelic Invest, we are often publishing industry reports. Back in October, we released our Q3 analysis for our PRO subscribers. It’s no wonder why this report outperformed others in popularity. The level of uncertainty for the industry climaxed in Q3, and everyone was wondering how things will resolve at the end of the year. This doesn’t mean our other popular reports aren’t as compelling. In fact, our mid-year report was just as popular, our Q1 review turned a lot of heads, and each of our 2022 year-end reports allowed for many speculators to anticipate what to expect in 2023. Reports like – The 2022 Stock Market Analysis, The Public Companies Report, The Ketamine Industry Report, The Psychedelic Research Report, The Psychedelic Investment Landscape, and the mother of all, the 2022 Year in Psychedelics Report, all educated the industry on what happened last year (and how we can prepare for what’s to come).

We’ll be publishing our formal 2023 reports over the next several weeks. Stay tuned for those.

January 23, Article

We began 2023 excited about everything that ketamine was presenting to the world. It was growing in popularity – and quickly. Based on data in Neuly, over 1,000 clinics were administering ketamine by July of this year. The number has since diminished back down around 700-800, and we’re ending the year with some bad celebrity-related press and FDA warnings about ketamine.

Regardless, our most popular article in 2023 is about setting up a ketamine clinic. The post continues to get a lot of attention to this day. So, despite the headlines, it’s hard to ignore that there is both excitement and real evidence suggesting the benefits from ketamine can not, and should not, be ignored.

What a Wild Year

As aforementioned, we will be publishing our year-end reports in the coming week. We’ll highlight these stores and a whole lot more as we carve out all of the important developments, and dive even deeper into what happened and what we might come to expect in 2024.

While no one can predict the future, we remain hopeful that things will begin to turn around and improve for psychedelic medicines, the companies operating in the space, and the many people that stand to benefit from treatments in the future.

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