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How Long Does a Shroom Trip Last?

Before you start munching on magic mushrooms, it’s wise to learn about timelines. So, how long does a shroom trip last? Let’s find out.



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Starting out with psychedelics or trying new ones for the first time can be intimidating. From wondering about the dosage to the timeline, there are plenty of factors to consider before diving in. When it comes to magic mushrooms, you’ve probably asked yourself, “How long does a shroom trip last?”

Psilocybin mushrooms, revered for their ability to usher in transformative states of consciousness, are a cornerstone of the psychedelic experience. For those embarking on this journey, knowing how long a shroom trip lasts is paramount. 

In this exploration, we’ll navigate through the various elements that shape the timeline of your journey with psilocybin, offering insights for both the experienced and the uninitiated.

Understanding the Basics of a Shroom Trip

Embarking on a journey with psilocybin mushrooms means entering a world where time, perception, and emotions intertwine in fascinating ways. Psilocybin is renowned for its ability to significantly alter consciousness, leading to experiences ranging from vivid visual and auditory hallucinations to profound introspective insights and emotional release. 

The duration and intensity of a shroom trip are not just random; they are influenced by a multitude of factors. Firstly, dosage plays a crucial role. More psilocybin typically translates to a longer and more intense trip. 

Secondly, individual metabolism varies greatly among people, meaning the rate at which psilocybin is processed. Lastly, the environment and mindset–often referred to as “set and setting” in the psychedelic community—are pivotal. 

The mental state of the user and the surroundings in which the trip takes place can dramatically shape the experience, including how time is perceived and how long the journey feels. 

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Phases of a Shroom Trip

Overall, how long does a shroom trip last? The entirety of a shroom trip lasts between six to eight hours. A shroom trip can be distinctly segmented into various phases, each characterized by its own set of experiences and sensations. These phases mark the journey from the initial ingestion to the eventual return to baseline consciousness. Understanding these stages can significantly enhance one’s preparation and appreciation for the psychedelic experience.


The shroom trip begins with the onset of effects, a crucial phase that sets the tone for the entire experience. Typically, the first signs of a psilocybin mushroom’s influence appear within 20 to 40 minutes after ingestion. However, this timing can vary based on several factors, including the method of consumption and individual digestive differences. 


The come-up phase is the initial period following the onset of the trip. During this time, users typically begin to notice the first effects of the mushrooms. These can include sensory enhancements, such as brighter colors and more pronounced sounds, as well as emotional and cognitive shifts. 

The come-up can last for as little as twenty minutes or up to an hour and a half. Some may experience a sense of anticipation or mild anxiety as the full effects start to materialize.


The peak is the most intense part of the trip. This is when the effects of psilocybin are at their strongest, and users may experience profound hallucinations, deep emotional releases, and significant alterations in thought patterns and perception of reality. The peak can be a period of great introspection and often holds the potential for spiritual or personal insight. This phase typically lasts for about two to four hours.


Finally, the come-down phase marks the gradual return to one’s typical state of consciousness. This phase is between one and two hours. The intensity of the psychedelic effects diminishes, and users often find themselves reflecting on their experience. It’s common to feel a mix of emotions during this phase, from relaxation and contentment to a profound sense of transformation or realization.


Following the gradual descent from the peak experience, individuals may encounter a lasting post-illumination stemming from their journey with psilocybin mushrooms. This enduring phase might encompass shifts in mood, perception, and cognitive patterns. 

The post-effects exhibit a variable duration, spanning from several hours to multiple days, contingent on both the dosage and the person’s receptivity to the substance.

How Long Does a Typical Shroom Trip Last?

The duration of a shroom trip, while varying widely among individuals, typically unfolds over several hours, each phase bringing its own unique experience and timeline.

The amount of psilocybin ingested is directly correlated with the intensity and duration of the trip. Microdoses, which are sub-perceptual amounts, might result in subtle shifts in mood and perception without the full-blown psychedelic experience. 

Conversely, higher doses can lead to prolonged and intensely vivid trips. For example, while a low dose (like 1-2 grams of dried mushrooms) might lead to a trip lasting around four to six hours, a higher dose (5 grams or more) could extend the experience beyond six hours and intensify the journey.

The dosage not only impacts the length of each phase but also the transitions between them. Higher doses can cause a quicker onset and a more abrupt shift into the peak phase, while lower doses might result in a more gradual progression through the stages of the trip.

Previous experience with psychedelics can also be a factor. Those who are new to psilocybin might find that their trips last longer, as they are less familiar with navigating and integrating the experience. In contrast, regular users might find that their trips are shorter or more manageable due to their familiarity with the effects.

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Managing the Duration of a Shroom Trip

As we wrap up our dive into the shroom experience, let’s chat about ways to influence how long a shroom trip lasts. While you can’t set a timer on the trip, there are some tricks to potentially stretch it out or wrap it up sooner.

To make the journey last a bit longer, some folks try ‘redosing.’ That’s when you take a smaller dose of psilocybin as the initial effects start to kick in. But be careful with this one—it can crank up the intensity in unpredictable ways.

Now, if you’re more in a hurry to come back down to Earth, there are some grounding techniques that can help. Things like deep breathing, meditation, or even a bit of calming CBD can ease the comedown. Sometimes, just changing your surroundings—shifting to somewhere cozier or more familiar—can also help you step out of the psychedelic headspace.

Keep in mind that these aren’t exact sciences, and their effectiveness varies from person to person. The main thing is to approach them with mindfulness, respect for the magic, and a good understanding of your own comfort zone. Being aware like this ensures a safer and more controlled trip, giving you the confidence to navigate the shroom journey with wisdom and grace.

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