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Mindbloom Announces Partnership with SHIFT To Offer Affordable At-Home Ketamine Therapy To Its Employees

-Mindbloom, the world’s largest provider of ketamine therapy, announced today a partnership with SHIFT, a tech-enabled management consulting firm, to…



-Mindbloom, the world’s largest provider of ketamine therapy, announced today a partnership with SHIFT, a tech-enabled management consulting firm, to provide at-home ketamine therapy as a benefit to its employees. Through this partnership, all SHIFT employees will have access to at-home ketamine therapy through Mindbloom for a fraction of the normal price.

“I am incredibly proud to partner with employers like SHIFT to increase access to transformative at-home ketamine therapy programs. For millions of Americans, depression, anxiety, and other mental health challenges make it difficult just to go to work every day. Depression alone causes 200 million lost workdays every year, making career advancement difficult and costing employers billions. I’m thrilled that companies like SHIFT are taking steps to prioritize their employees’ mental health and honored to partner with them to transform the future of mental health in the workplace.”

Mindbloom Founder & CEO Dylan Beynon

The partnership with SHIFT continues a trend of Mindbloom teaming up with enterprises that are looking to expand access to transformational mental health services. In December, Mindbloom announced partnerships with Kennedy Care, a leader in home care services across the midwest, and 15Five, a pioneer in HR talent management, to offer at-home ketamine therapy as an employee benefit. And in January, Mindbloom announced a partnership with This is Jane Project to offer affordable at-home ketamine therapy to trauma survivors.

“SHIFT has always been an organization that values the health and wellbeing of its team. This exciting collaboration with Mindbloom marks a crucial step in transforming mental health in the workplace, and we are thrilled to be at the forefront of this important movement,” said Joe Mechlinski, CEO of SHIFT.

Last year, a study of Mindbloom client outcomes – the largest-ever peer-reviewed study of ketamine therapy (or psychedelic medicine) – was published in the Journal of Affective Disorders. The study, which was authored by psychiatrists and researchers from MAPS, the Cleveland Clinic, UCSF, NYU and Houston Methodist, shows that at-home ketamine therapy can be a safe, effective, and rapidly-acting treatment for depression and anxiety. After only four sessions, 89% of participants presenting with depression and/or anxiety showed an improvement in their symptoms. In total, 63% of participants saw a greater than 50% improvement in their symptoms. These results are 34% stronger than what has been observed in studies of traditional antidepressants (such as SSRIs) and 54% stronger than results shown in studies of psychotherapy.

If you’re an employer who’s interested in providing Mindbloom as a benefit to your employees, contact

About Mindbloom:

Mindbloom is the leader in ketamine therapy, offering a combination of science-backed medicine with clinician and guide support for people looking to improve their mental health and wellbeing. Founded by Dylan Beynon, Mindbloom aims to address the mental health crisis through at-home ketamine therapy. This at-home approach increases access to an affordable, safe and effective emerging treatment option.

About SHIFT:

SHIFT is a tech-enabled management consulting firm that offers a hybrid solution for the modern work world. With their AI-powered platform Latch, they provide asynchronous collaboration to help teams work more efficiently and effectively, regardless of their location or time zone. SHIFT specializes in executive engagement and alignment, helping organizations to achieve their goals by ensuring that their leaders are on the same page and working towards a shared vision.

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