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News You Might Have Missed: March 20th, 2023

The article News You Might Have Missed: March 20th, 2023 was originally published on Microdose.

Welcome to the News You Might Have Missed, a weekly roundup…



The article News You Might Have Missed: March 20th, 2023 was originally published on Microdose.

Welcome to the News You Might Have Missed, a weekly roundup of psychedelic medicine news to help you catch up and stay informed.



Field Trip Health & Wellness to Close Clinics in 5 Locations

It was a bad week for ketamine therapy patients as several firms cut back on operations, the biggest name being Field Trip. 

Field Trip Health will close clinics in Chicago, Washington DC, Seattle, San Diego and Fredericton. The anticipated last day of operation will be around April 15, 2023.

Clients in each of these locations will be receiving notice of clinic closures which will include, among other things, information on finding alternative care providers, how to access their medical records and other information required by applicable laws and regulations.



Ketamine Wellness Centers Closes Its Operations

Ketamine Wellness Centers, one of the largest ketamine therapy providers in the US, has closed its operations.

The chain of ketamine clinics was acquired by Delic Holdings in 2021, with the firms announcing plans for capital infusions and the expansion of more clinics across the country. Then, apparently surprisingly, Ketamine Wellness quietly announced that it has closed its operations. Patients are taking to Reddit and social media to find out if indeed their therapy sessions will no longer continue.



Irwin Naturals Backs Out of Deal To Buy Braxia Scientific

Back in January, we reported that Irwin Naturals Signed a Letter of Intent to Acquire Braxia Scientific. Now Irwin Naturals has backed out of the deal to buy Braxia, terminating the non-binding agreement and Letter of Intent.

A big part of Braxia’s business was in ketamine treatment clinics and its ketamine telemedicine platform KetaMD — did the recent industry problems in clinics and telehealth lead to Irwin re-assessing the move?



Filament Health Announces FDA Approval Of Phase II Clinical Trial

Filament Health has announced FDA approval of a Phase II clinical trial using psilocybin for Methamphetamine Use Disorder.

This is a major step for the small-cap firm, as it pushes them to the upper tiers of clinical trial stages. With Methamphetamine Use Disorder affecting a troubling number of people, this psilocybin-based trial may provide hope for patients.

Also, according to our interview with Filament’s CEO, the drug used in this trial already has proprietary IP in place.



Reunion Sues Mindset Pharma Over Patent

Reunion Neuroscience has sued Mindset Pharma. Reunion is the drug development company spun off from the Field Trip umbrella, and they’ve been working on RE104 (a compound informally known as “Isoprocin Glutarate”, a prodrug of 4-OH-DiPT), earning a patent for it in 2022.

The drama began when Mindset Pharma was recently granted a U.S. patent for its lead candidate drug, MSP-1014, a drug that’s apparently based on the same compound. And so we had two companies with patents on the same drug.



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