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Nirvana Life Sciences boasts new patent for innovative psychedelic compound

Company isolates 4-PO-Psilocin into biologically active salt with 99% purity ratio
The post Nirvana Life Sciences boasts new patent for innovative psychedelic…



A life sciences company based in western Canada has announced an exciting new development with immense implications for the future of psychedelic medicine. On Thursday, Nirvana Life Sciences Inc. (CSE: NIRV) was pleased to report that it had filed a provisional patent application for an innovative new process to isolate 4-PO-Psilocin, a psychedelic compound with similar properties to psilocybin. Nirvana is a company whose primary focus is to develop non-addictive chronic pain and relapse prevention products. The Canadian entity advocates that naturally derived psychedelics produced via innovative new formulations are capable of providing a non-addictive means of managing pain and substance dependency issues desperately needed by many. Nirvana claims that its top-tier team of researchers from around the world will be able to create new therapies that save society vast amounts of money every year, and rid millions from the horrors of addiction. Read more: PAREA: A new psychedelic-focused alliance of prominent companies with common goals Read more: Entheon Biomedical hands off DMT clinical study to Cybin The new isolation process for 4-PO-Psilocin has been primarily developed by Nirvana’s Head of Innovation, Robert August. The psychedelic compound is a psychoactive prodrug and substituted tryptamine produced in conjunction with standard psilocin and psilocybin. The pharmacological effects produced by 4-PO-Psilocin are exactly the same as psilocybin since both components are prodrugs. What this means is that both are metabolized in the human body in order to produce regular psilocin, the psychoactive compound primarily culpable for producing powerful psychedelic experiences. The difference with 4-PO-Psilocin is that it can be purified into an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) through crystallization, eliminating the need for the body to metabolize the unneeded elements present in psilocybin mushrooms and extracts available in the past. Additionally, It can be turned into a biologically active water-soluble salt yielding a level of purity above 99 per cent. Nirvana boasts that its new ability to convert 4-PO-Psilocin into a salt capable of dissolving in water will permanently alter the current range of delivery systems available in the psychedelic sector. The inherently high rate and speed of absorption in the body will drastically reduce the amount of psychedelic compound required to produce powerful and profound experiences in patients. This new delivery method will also significantly improve the level of safety and efficacy for providing psychedelic substances in clinical settings. “We are very excited to bring this innovation to this stage of development, this will allow us to develop further compounds and delivery systems that can revolutionize the psychedelic sector,” said Mr. Robert August, Head of Innovation and Lead Chemist at Nirvana.

Photo via Nirvana Life Sciences

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