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California Group Proposes Psychedelics Research Initiative for 2024 Ballot

The new proposal will focus on funding research, rather than lobbying for legalization directly.
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A team of strategists from California officially filed a proposed initiative to create a $5 billion state agency to fund and boost psychedelics research.

The proposal, dubbed the “TREAT California Act,” focuses on advancing the science behind the therapeutic uses of psychedelics, rather than trying to decriminalize or legalize psychedelics in California directly, according to Marijuana Moment.

The ultimate aim is to prompt federal legalization of substances such as psilocybin and ibogaine, while exploring their therapeutic potential for serious mental health conditions like depression and addiction.

The institute plans to offer grants and loans for psychedelics research through a targeted $500 million in annual funding through government agency revenue bonds over a decade in order to remain self-funded and to maintain intellectual property rights for what the research produces.

Beyond promoting research, the institute also aims to facilitate the creation of “care programs” for psilocybin and MDMA in California, once these substances receive FDA approval for therapeutic use. The research grants would include a broad range of mental health conditions, from addiction and anxiety to PTSD and chronic pain, with an initial emphasis on the potential benefits for first responders and military veterans.

To qualify for next year’s ballot, the campaign must secure nearly a million valid signatures from registered voters. The team has set an initial fundraising goal of $11 million to support its projected signature gathering and outreach costs.

“With FDA approval, these medicines could be rescheduled and become eligible for coverage by health insurance; thereby achieving legalization for therapeutic use and access,” says the text of the proposed initiative.

Deb Hubers, COO of TREAT, told the outlet that the campaign is collaborating with other power players in the space, such as the national Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies.

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