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Fed cannabis rescheduling docs to be released (Newsletter: January 12, 2024)

VA gov uninterested in marijuana reform; NJ cannabis & psilocybin bills; IL record sales; MI psychedelics decrim; Vets & ibogaine study; Equity…



VA gov uninterested in marijuana reform; NJ cannabis & psilocybin bills; IL record sales; MI psychedelics decrim; Vets & ibogaine study; Equity op-ed

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The Department of Health and Human Services has agreed to release a full, unredacted copy of its marijuana rescheduling recommendation that is now pending before the Drug Enforcement Administration. The move comes amid litigation over a Freedom of Information Act request for the documents.

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) said he doesn’t “have a lot of interest in pressing forward with marijuana legislation” as Democrats filed new bills to legalize recreational cannabis sales in the state.

  • Marijuana is “an area that I really don’t have any interest in.”

Top Wisconsin Republican senators are raising concerns about a limited medical cannabis bill proposed by Assembly GOP leaders—with one saying its plan for state-run dispensaries is a “non-starter” and comparing it to “a DMV for medical marijuana.”

New Jersey lawmakers filed dozens of drug policy reform bills for the new 2024 session—including measures to allow marijuana interstate commerce, authorize cannabis home grow, protect industry banking access, institute consumer employment protections, legalize psilocybin and regulate kratom.

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D) announced that the state sold nearly $2 billion worth of legal marijuana products in 2023—including a new monthly record in December.

  • Recreational cannabis sales generated $417.6 million in  revenue for the state last year.

The Ypsilanti, Michigan City Council unanimously approved a psychedelics decriminalization resolution declaring that “city funds or resources shall not be used in any investigation, detention, arrest or prosecution” for use of entheogenic plants.

Alaska lawmakers introduced new bills to create a Mental Health and Psychedelic Medicine Task Force that would be charged with recommending frameworks for legalization and possible licensure for therapeutic practitioners.

A new Stanford University study found that military veterans with traumatic brain injuries saw “dramatic” and “life-changing” improvements in PTSD, depression and anxiety after receiving treatment with the psychedelic ibogaine.

  • “This is possibly the first study to report evidence for a single treatment with a drug that can improve chronic disability related to repeated TBI from combat/blast exposures.”

Reason Foundation’s Geoffrey Lawrence and Greenbridge Corporate Counsel’s Khurshid Khoja authored a Marijuana Moment op-ed arguing that social equity programs should be redesigned to benefit people who have been directly harmed by cannabis criminalization.

The Maine legislature’s Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee rejected a bill that would have completely removed marijuana from the state’s criminal code and expunged past convictions.

A Montana judge struck down a law that significantly increased licensing fees for marijuana dispensaries with multiple locations.


The U.S. Department of Agriculture published hemp price and yield data for the 2024 crop year.

Sen. Sherrod Brown’s (D-OH) campaign did not respond to requests for comment about his recent endorsement of marijuana legalization after receiving contributions from cannabis industry executives and lobbyists.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) tweeted a link to an article claiming that “more teens and young adults who use marijuana are experiencing psychotic episodes.”

The House bill to federally legalize marijuana got three new cosponsors for a total of 82.


Oklahoma’s attorney general testified at a U.S. House Homeland Security Committee hearing that “organized criminals have overtaken” his state’s medical cannabis industry.

Oregon’s Senate majority leader is reported floating a proposal to recriminalize drug possession.

Indiana’s Senate president pro tempore said marijuana legalization will not advance this session even as lawmakers have filed several cannabis reform bills.

California regulators issued a consumer advisory about a voluntary recall of marijuana products due to the presence of pesticides.

Wyoming regulators are proposing changes to hemp rules.

Missouri regulators made changes to the marijuana product approval process.

Alaska rules amendments on marijuana entity ownership changes are taking effect this month.

Nevada regulators published an annual demographic study of the state’s cannabis industry.

Ohio regulators published updated medical cannabis patient and caregiver numbers.

The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission met.

The Massachusetts Executive Office of Economic Development will hold a hearing on the Cannabis Social Equity Trust Fund on Friday.

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The Anchorage, Alaska Assembly rejected a proposal to allow marijuana dispensaries to open drive-thru windows and give away free samples.


The Czech government unveiled legislation to legalize marijuana possession, cultivation and social clubs—but not commercial sales.

Malta regulators are facing a legal challenge over alleged delays in processing a cannabis association license application.


A study found that “dietary CBD protects against inflammation and colitis symptoms induced by [dextran sulfate sodium], providing an alternative approach to [inflammatory bowel disease] management.”


Colorado retailers sold $110.3 million worth of legal marijuana products in November.

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