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Palo Santo Closes $50 Million Psychedelic Investment Fund

The article Palo Santo Closes $50 Million Psychedelic Investment Fund was originally published on Microdose.

  Palo Santo Closes $50 Million Psychedelic…



The article Palo Santo Closes $50 Million Psychedelic Investment Fund was originally published on Microdose.


Palo Santo Closes $50 Million Psychedelic Therapeutics Investment Fund

With an Active Portfolio and Additional Capital to Deploy, Palo Santo Fund is Positioned to Accelerate the Development of Breakthrough Psychedelic Therapies for the Treatment of Mental Health

October 12, 2022 11:51 ET | Source: Palo Santo

CHICAGO and NEW YORK, Oct. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Palo Santo, a venture capital fund focused on backing and building emerging psychedelic therapeutics companies, announced the closing of its $50 million fund (the “Fund”). The oversubscribed Fund is positioned to have a transformative impact on the field of mental health by funding a diverse portfolio of businesses developing innovative psychedelic medicines and therapies targeting both mental health as well as a range of CNS disorders.

“Following decades of criminalization, psychedelics are demonstrating their potential to treat mental health disorders more rapidly and durably than currently available treatments, in a field that hasn’t seen substantial innovation for over 30 years,” said Palo Santo Cofounder Tim Schlidt. “Against the backdrop of a growing global mental health crisis, our mission is to drive clinical development and FDA approval of these much-needed therapies that we believe will become the future standard of care. We are proud to play a role in this paradigm shift and look forward to creating value for our portfolio companies, investors, and most importantly patients and their loved ones.”

Palo Santo Cofounder Daniel Goldberg added, “It’s very encouraging to see the momentum in psychedelic drug development supported by leading academic institutions, investors, regulators and politicians from both sides of the aisle. MDMA is expected to be approved within the next two years as a breakthrough therapy for treatment of PTSD and psilocybin approximately two years after that for depression. With roughly fifty percent of our Fund still to deploy, we are well positioned to put money to work in a more favorable investing environment while fostering innovation in the mental health field.”

The Palo Santo Fund is currently invested in over 20 portfolio companies across the psychedelic ecosystem, including Beckley Psytech, Tactogen, Bexson Biomedical, Ksana Health, Gilgamesh Pharmaceuticals, Delix Therapeutics, Journey Clinical, and Fluence, among others. Palo Santo combines its investing and portfolio building experience with the expertise of leading academics and advisors in psychedelic science. Palo Santo’s distinguished advisory board includes pharmacology expertise with leading serotonin 2A researchers Charles D. Nichols, PhD and John D. McCorvy, PhD; psychiatric expertise with Julie Holland, MD and John F. Greden, MD; clinical and commercial expertise with Stephen Wright, MD; intellectual property know-how with Gretchen Temeles, PhD, J.D.; and aptitude around medicinal chemistry with David Sherman, PhD.

Beckley Psytech CEO Cosmo Feilding Mellen commented, “Globally, there is a huge unmet patient need for more effective mental health treatments. Psychedelic therapies represent a potentially exciting new class of neuropsychiatric treatments and it’s been so important for this nascent industry to have the backing of diligent investors such as Palo Santo. We are grateful for their support, which has helped us to advance our pipeline of psychedelic programs, and look forward to continuing to work with their team.”

Palo Santo Scientific Advisor and Medical Advisor to the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (“MAPS”) Julie Holland, MD, added, “Having been a clinical psychiatrist and psychopharmacologist for the past 25 years, I see incredible potential for psychedelics to benefit patients, including those whose therapies are no longer effective. It’s crucial that the most promising companies and therapies receive the funding needed to advance psychedelic medicines through clinical trials in a timely manner, and I am proud to be part of a team of experts who share that same goal.”

About Palo Santo

Palo Santo is a venture capital fund focused on emerging psychedelic medicines and therapies poised to address the growing mental health crisis and creating a new paradigm in wellbeing. The fund targets a diverse range of companies offering innovative solutions across biopharma, drug development, digital therapeutics, healthcare services and tech-enabled solutions to address the growing global mental health crisis. From cutting-edge science to commercial application, Palo Santo’s portfolio includes 20+ companies focused on advancing the field of psychedelic medicines and expanding patient access and affordability. For more information, please visit or


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