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PRO: Companies Focused on DMT (Video)

Nothing included herein shall be deemed to be or construed to be investment, financial, business, legal and/or tax advice. All written material are presented…



Nothing included herein shall be deemed to be or construed to be investment, financial, business, legal and/or tax advice. All written material are presented as the opinion of the author. If you have any questions, please contact Psychedelic Invest at

Today, I’m gonna be talking about two companies – Biomind labs and Small Pharma (TSXV: DMT). The reason we’ll be talking about these two companies today is that both of them have a strong focus on DMT (Dimethyltryptamine). And it’s in my personal opinion that Dimethyltryptamine for therapeutic purposes is one of the best psychedelics for treatment-resistant depression and anxiety. So that’s why I specifically want to highlight these two companies because this is all they’re focusing on.

Some of you might be familiar with DMT through ayahuasca. DMT is the active ingredient in Ayahuasca. So while ayahuasca is a different experience in and of itself, DMT is essentially a very intense visual hallucination that lasts about 15 minutes. For a lot of people, it’s spiritually deep and mentally healing. I’ll do a different video where I just break down DMT for you guys at some other point.

A few months ago, Biomind was given approval for the first phase two clinical trial with an intramuscular. I’ll just read the quote.

With great enthusiasm, we announce the IRB approval of our second phase two clinical trial with an inhaled formulation of DMT.

So the difference between an intramuscular DMT and inhaled form of DMT is when you IV DMT the effects can last about an hour. While inhaling DMT, it is about a 15-minute experience. So when companies are trying to bring products to market, they want to do so specifically, especially with psychedelics, in a way where it’s it takes the least amount of time out of your day – so you can do it fast and then get back into the hustle and bustle of your regular life.

That is why I’m making this video. Biomind Labs got their second phase two on DMT in the inhaled version.

Outside of highlighting the company, it may be a great time to get into psychedelic stocks in general. But most, if not all, psychedelic companies are trading at their support levels. What that means is it may be a good time to enter most of these biotech plays because they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel because of the broader market tailwinds we’ve been experiencing.

The other company I wanted to mention is Small Pharma. Small Pharma is a London-based company that is doing DMT therapy and they have a clinic model where they want to offer DMT in their clinics. I love this. I love that idea.

It’s going to be a while before I think this company is going to be generating a significant amount of revenue. But it’s early and very exciting. It’s trading at about 24 cents today.

I love that these two companies are focusing on DMT.

If you’re going to invest in any of these psychedelic pharma companies, please have a time horizon of about, let’s say, five years. I think five years is a safe time horizon.

I’m excited to continue following these two companies and the many more that have DMT in their pipelines.

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