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Nutritional Mushrooms and Cannabinoids For Optimal Health

The word psychedelic means “mind manifesting,” and it certainly is. However, it doesn’t just help people understand their minds. The psychedelic…



The word psychedelic means “mind manifesting,” and it certainly is. However, it doesn’t just help people understand their minds. The psychedelic movement promotes a well-rounded look at health and wellness. Alongside psychedelics, the popularity of other plant medicines such as nutritional mushrooms and cannabinoids has been growing. A huge percentage of people struggle with focus and sleep and are looking for natural alternatives to the normally prescribed pharmaceutical drugs.

Nutritional mushrooms and other plant-based supplements have begun to take the place of dangerous prescription drugs such as Adderall and Ambien. Adderall has become a staple of American society like coffee. Nearly three million Americans between the ages of 18 and 44 were prescribed Adderall in 2014, and the numbers have only risen since then. There has been such a large increase in prescriptions recently that it has resulted in a shortage. Prescriptions increased from 37 million in 2020 to 41 million in 2021.

Many of the first children who were prescribed Adderall are now coming off of it for the first time in a decade and sharing their horror stories of how it turned them into zombies and left them struggling to work and sleep when they finally broke their addiction. People who are struggling with their focus are now turning to nutritional mushrooms to help them make it through the workday. 

Plants Are Trending

The pandemic has made people much more aware of their state of health and has many people seeking out natural solutions for their health problems. Natural medicines offer some really powerful solutions for issues that are often tackled by western medicine with prescriptions of potent and addictive drugs. 

Nutritional mushrooms and CBD have also become increasingly popular among high achievers looking to gain an extra edge. Sound familiar? Psychedelics have also become popular with the likes of high-level athletes, business executives, and creatives. Aaron Rogers recently spoke about how Ayahuasca, an Amazonian psychedelic containing DMT, has helped him become the NFL MVP two years in a row. 

It takes something unique to compete at the highest levels of society, and people are looking for that extra edge to get there– that is why microdosing has become popular in places like Silicon Valley. Psychedelics aren’t the only way for people to improve their focus, creativity, and overall cognitive performance. Magic mushrooms will have to share the spotlight with a few other mushrooms that are being studied for their amazing ability to regulate the nervous system and improve cognitive function.

The Benefits of Nutritional Mushrooms

Nutritional mushrooms have a long history. Much like many psychedelic plants, indigenous cultures around the world have used mushrooms for their medicinal properties. Though, they had been forgotten by western medicine until recent years. New companies have been popping up, each with a unique mix of nutritional mushrooms and other plant medicines to help with focus, sleep, anxiety, workout recovery, and more. 

Nutritional mushrooms are no longer just for natural medicine practitioners and foragers. Many people in high-level, demanding positions swear by the benefits that they get from them. Onnit’s infamous Alpha Brain Black Label uses Lion’s mane to help boost focus and productivity. High-achievers such as Joe Rogan and Aubrey Marcus swear by the stuff– crediting their ability to be so productive to the supplement. 

Lion’s mane has also become popular as part of the Stamets microdose stack. Paul Stamets is a world-renowned mycologist who recommends taking lion’s mane with psilocybin mushrooms to help maximize improvement in brain function. 

With ADHD diagnoses on the rise, people are looking to help improve their focus to be able to focus through their day-to-day tasks and to improve beyond their current level. Lions mane is just one example. Some other popular nutritional mushrooms that are gaining popularity are chaga, cordyceps, reishi, and turkey tail– to name a few. In addition to neurological benefits, they can help with muscle recovery, cell regeneration, and have anti-inflammatory properties. 

The supplements industry is booming as more and more people are looking for natural, healthy solutions to their physical and mental ailments. The cannabis plant has also become a popular remedy for common health issues. 


Cannabis was all the rage a few years ago. The hype has died down as research showed that it wasn’t quite the miracle cure that many people hoped it would be. However, there are some real tangible benefits for many issues. CBD companies are still going strong and many people swear by their benefits. 

Hemp extracts have become a popular supplement for people struggling with insomnia, anxiety relief, and for athletes searching for recovery aids. Studies have shown that cannabinoids have anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it helps with workout recovery and eases anxiety by calming the nervous system. 

Over the past five years, CBD companies have been popping up left and right– but, not all are created equal. The supplement industry is filled with companies just trying to get in on the action. Reputable companies, such as Mineral Health, are seeking to set a high standard for plant medicine supplements. 

Mineral utilizes the entire plant to give its customers more benefits. It has become popular in the supplement industry, and with western medicine for that matter, to isolate one compound within a plant with the desired effects. However, this often leaves out other compounds that support the body’s systems to enhance overall wellness. Using the entire hemp plant increases the bioavailability of the desired compounds– meaning that the body will better absorb the CBD when other aspects of the plant are still available. 

Sourcing Supplements

These days you can pick up nutritional mushrooms and CBD products at your local grocery store, pharmacy, and even smoke shops. However, sourcing these ingredients from companies that put their resources into sourcing the best ingredients and developing the most beneficial products is crucial. 

Always do your research before buying these products. A cheaply made product won’t harm you, however, they may be costing you a pretty penny while offering you few benefits. Onnit, Mineral Health, and Garden of Life are a few companies with high-quality products. Nutritional mushrooms, cannabinoids, and other plant medicines have the potential to boost health and cure a wide range of ailments when sourced and used properly. 

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