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Protext Mobility, Inc. (Txtm) and Rsammda LLC (Delaware) Provides Shareholder Update

Companies Announces Significant Initial Order for 2.33 Million Pounds of Genus Cannabis Sativa   Wilmington, Delaware | November 01, 2022 02:57 PM Eastern…



Companies Announces Significant Initial Order for 2.33 Million Pounds of Genus Cannabis Sativa


Wilmington, Delaware | November 01, 2022 02:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time


Protext Mobility, Inc. (OTC PINK: TXTM) and RSAMMDA LLC (Delaware) (“RSAMMDA.LLC”) are pleased to provide the following shareholder update and announce an initial order for 2.33 million pounds of Genus Cannabis Sativa under a supply agreement.


Dr. Ahmed Jamaloodeen (Dr.J), Protext Chairman commented, “This is a terrific milestone and demonstrates years of hard work and relentless pursuit of educating the masses and government collaboration. The initial order calls for the delivery of 2.33 million pounds of cannabis, arguably the largest single cannabis flower and biomass order in history to date post legalization.


The specific strain we are growing for this order is Charlottes Angel for high percentage CBD flower and biomass. Everything we do is under South Africa federally issued permits, and license to import, export, grow hemp and cannabis from seed to sale, R & D, as well as develop and distribute our own brand of finished products.


“Our proprietary, branded CBD product line and online marketplace is anticipated to launch shortly. Due to our early pioneering of hemp and cannabis as a massive community uplift opportunity in South Africa, we were approved as the first government sponsored pilot project that would enable proof of concept to other farms as a blueprint of this business model.


This early blueprint is now a proven business model for South African farmers, and we are now at the forefront of SA becoming a recognized global leader in hemp and cannabis production. To further these efforts, last week I attended the AFASA AGM conference and gave a presentation to 1000’s of farmers who are now part of the Cannabis Commodity Cluster Formation, which I’ve been appointed as National Cannabis Commodity Chairman – The first in history.” (link to Dr.J Cannabis Expo 2022 presentation discussing SA community uplift and cannabis:


Dylon Du Plooy, Protext CEO, commented, “The hemp renaissance is well underway, with renewed interest from global industrial companies to find cheaper and greener resources that can be used to produce 1000’s of end product. America is decades behind the sustainable materials revolution. That represents a big opportunity for us to unlock the potential of industrial hemp in the world’s strongest economy, with the lowest cost product available globally. For South Africa, the opportunity is to take a global role in what we believe is the beginning of an industrial hemp renaissance. We can not only produce product at the lowest cost basis on a global basis, but we can monetize the farm with 3 annual grows, making our hemp, biomass, and cannabis much sought after from customers around the world. In fact, this substantial off take agreement for an initial 2.3 million pounds is being delivered to a US customer. Why? Not only for the quality of the product, but our cost basis is so competitive we can deliver product that includes freight shipping cost to US customers, that is lower than they can get anywhere in North America.” #TXTMTribe #TXTMTribeRaok #TXTMRaok.


Dr. J continued, “As we have previously discussed, we believe there is significant value in the human capital derived from our knowledge, Government and other relationships, compliance, resources, facilities, biomass, and infrastructure that is invaluable. The Permits we are in possession of allow for Genus Cannabis Sativa import, export, grow & cultivation, research, testing, and end product development for global distribution, all of which are anticipated to be utilized by Protext with the end goal to commercialize the live plant extraction technology and bring superior end products to the global market. Having technology that’s been tested and proven to increased bioavailability by 10-15x is significant and puts us miles ahead of all competitors. Additional testing is anticipated to be conducted with cannabis being grown on the farm right now. The testing will focus on maximizing yield as well as testing various strains of Genus Cannabis Sativa. We will also begin conducting the R&D using the New Age Extraction Technology for other Indigenous Plant Flora with medicinal properties including Psilocybin. We believe that the significance of the implications our live plant Extraction Technology can have on not only our yield, but also on an entire industry with its 10-15X Bioavailability has been over looked due to the complexity of the science. In layman’s terms we stand to produce Natural Plant Based Medicine with 10-15 times more bioavailability than current products on the market, at a fraction of the cost.


“As we previously discussed, but worth repeating, we entered into this transaction with Protext as we believe there to be numerous synergies by allowing access to certain assets of our established business’ with Protext as well as commercialize the Protext proprietary live plant extraction technology and processes into our existing Genus Cannabis Sativa infrastructure. Prior to the merger, Protext had collaborated with RSAMMD whereby the companies utilized Protext’s proprietary live plant extraction technology along with Kettle extraction equipment to conduct a series of live cannabis extraction testing at New Castle Farm under permits for Genus Cannabis Sativa, with the goal to produce an emulsion rich with cannabinoid but with little to no conversion of THC-A to psychoactive THC. We undertook a series of tests to prove out that the Kettle system and extraction technologies did what they were supposed to do. As part of our previous investigations, various tests were completed using live cannabis flower and leaf, rendered into liquid emulsions supplied by the farm in New Castle. Prior to now, it was hypothecated that processing live Genus Cannabis Sativa under lower temperatures would yield a rich nano-emulsion of phytocannabinoids while retaining the non-psychoactive precursor acid form (THC-A).


Our investigations have conclusively demonstrated that full-spectrum cannabinoids can be extracted using the proprietary Kettle system, with minimal metabolic conversion, paving the way for advancement of medical research using non-psychoactive cannabis. What has also intrigued us are the findings from prior research and clinical trials that have shown that the Kettle system, when applied to other medicinal plants, can create an extract that is significantly more bioavailable (10-15x) than a standard extract. This means that our cannabis extract should be more potent while providing a dose that could potentially last up to 24 hours in the bloodstream, which is in-line with prior clinical results using other medicinal plants.


Medically, this opens the door to a line of natural pharmaceuticals derived from cannabis but at a fraction of the price and with potentially superior outcomes. From a business perspective, an increase of bioavailability in that magnitude can be a game changer for cultivators as it essentially could increase the net yield by a factor of 10-15x per plant, per acre, per farm. This initial order is just the beginning and leadership is excited for what’s to come. We will lead the change we want to see in our world” concluded Dr.J.



For further information, or inquiries relating to partnerships in SA, JV opportunities and/or off-take/supply agreements please feel free to contact us


Dylon Du Plooy at:

Dr.J at:

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About Protext (OTC PINK: TXTM)

Through its prior acquisitions, Protext has engaged in the research, testing and development of highly bioavailable botanical products all-natural ingredients formulated for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications through the use of proprietary live plant extraction technology.




RSAMMDA.LLC. is a wholly owned subsidiary of TXTM focused on acquisitions with two principals, Mr. Dylon Du Plooy and Dr. Ahmed Jamaloodeen (“Dr. J”). Mr. Du Plooy is a South African pioneer in the research, cultivation, production and distribution of medical cannabis and cannabinoids.


Dr. J operates the 5000 Hectare New Castle Farm as well as federally issued hemp permits issued by the Government of South Africa. Together, we partner with leading hospitals and universities globally to advance the clinical benefits and applications of cannabinoids.


RSAMMDA.LLC founders are a group of medical doctors and pharmacists, and cannabis activists who have been at the forefront of medical cannabis legislation and South African cannabis legalization, which took place in September 2018. We are committed to the advancement of technology and scientific research that leads to an improved quality of life for patients around the world.



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