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The 2022 Psychedelic Holiday Gift Guide

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the psychonaut in your life this holiday season? Our team at Psychedelic Invest put together this holiday gift…



Are you looking for the perfect gift for the psychonaut in your life this holiday season? Our team at Psychedelic Invest put together this holiday gift guide in hopes that we just might help you grab the ideal last-minute present for the unsuspecting friends in your life.

A 1:1 meditation class with Neil Markey of Beckley Retreats

“Join MBSR-certified instructor Neil Markey for a 1:1 meditation class. Neil co-led McKinsey & Co’s mindfulness program and has offered meditation practices to a diverse range of groups, from special operations soldiers, to C-Suite executives, to doctors. He’s also the CEO and Co-Founder of Beckley Retreats, a leading psilocybin retreat company.”

Rise: Peak Performance Mushroom Supplements

10mg CBD | Lion’s Mane | Cordyceps | Huperzine A | THC-Free

  • Clean and clear brain energy
  • No jitters. No caffeine. No crash.

Wakeful Travel Mindfulness Journal

This mindful travel journal guides you through your next short or long adventure. You can use this journal on close-to-home, 1-2 week trips, weekend getaways, and one-day trips. AND you can use it to dream up your next big trip (1-3 months).

To sum it up, this journal can be used on shorter inter-provincial and inter-state travels.

  • What’s Included?
  • 12 Trips total
  • 7 Colour therapy pages
  • 5 Yoga postures
  • Adventures so far (Trip Log)
  • Fold out world map
  • Planning and manifestation pages
  • Document favourite places to eat, people you meet, music you hear, etc.
  • Guided mindfulness practices
  • Rad and inspirational quotes
  • Wakeful Travel tips
  • Reflective questions
  • Boredom section
  • 1 Trip up to 3 months
  • 3 Trips 8 days to 1 month
  • 4 Trips less than a week
  • 4 One-day trips
  • Features:
  • Hard cover: The journal that you’ve seen in ads and photos on the website is a mock up. The final journal is hard cover, so it’s durable for traveling
  • Thick Elastic : To hold it your memories tight
  • Round corners: Because pointy corners are boring
  • Silver Ribbon: To make sure you can find the page you were just on
  • Donation: For each journal purchased, Wakeful Travel donates to three, kick-ass organizations
  • Compostable Mailer: You’ll receive this journal in a compostable mailer. Because we actually give a sh*t about the planet. See our Ethical & Sustainable page

The Alchemist Kitchen’s Tincture Products

With Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Cat’s Claw and Bacopa Spagyric Extracts

Our proprietary Clarity tincture contains a powerful blend of Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Cat’s Claw and Bacopa mushroom alchemized with mineral, ash, and alcohol extracts, to support optimal cell absorption and nervine equilibrium.

This extraction process known as a Spagyric, creates a tincture that offers super high potency and is intended for microdosing under the tongue for quicker benefits than other mushroom extracts not are often not as concentrated. The results may improve cognitive function, enhance memory and balance your mood when taken as part of your daily routine. One can also use it as a daily or weekly ritual as described below.

Herbal + Fungi Benefits May:

  • Boost Energy, Focus and Mental Clarity
  • Increase Adaptability to Stress
  • Build Nervous System Resilience and Regeneration
  • Balance Mood and Memory
  • Healthy Circulation and Oxygenation of Cells
  • Reduce Inflammation and Strengthen Immune Function*
  • Suggested Ritual: Take one full dropper beneath your tongue or add it to warm water, herbal teas, kombucha, juice, and smoothies up to 3x daily. Add a dropper to herbal teas or warm water for an instantly elevating, clarifying tonic or sparkling elixirs (kombucha, jun, juice) for focus and energy – Great for daily use as well as for an in-the-moment boost!

SuperMush Daily Mouth Spray Bundle

You can’t choose a favorite child. Supercharge your day with mushrooms to support you no matter what’s on the calendar. Get your Energy, Immunity, and Chill on with our all-natural organic & vegan ingredients. We’ve made mushrooms taste like magic, don’t worry you won’t get high on anything but life. Your daily dose of mushrooms for $.50. Each bottle lasts ~1 month. 0 calories and 0 sugar per serving.

Beckley Retreats Tote Bag

Who wouldn’t love a stylish psychedelic bag from Beckley Retreats?

Happy Holidays from all of us at Psychedelic Invest and Nucleus!

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