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Top Reasons to be at Wonderland 2022 (Part 2)

The article Top Reasons to be at Wonderland 2022 (Part 2) was originally published on Microdose.

2021 was a big year for the psychedelic medicine industry….



The article Top Reasons to be at Wonderland 2022 (Part 2) was originally published on Microdose.

2021 was a big year for the psychedelic medicine industry. After spending most of its formative years in the digital seclusion of Covid-19, the entire psychedelics industry gathered in Miami for the first edition of Wonderland. Participants were overjoyed to finally see their sector begin to mature, to have the chance to shake hands, to meet colleagues and collaborators for the first time.

Wonderland 2021 successfully established the event as the go-to industry gathering. Yet with an industry experiencing exponential growth, Wonderland had to evolve. So Microdose has taken the 2022 event to the next level…


  1.   Mushroom Marketplace

This year’s Wonderland will have dedicated floor space for a Mushroom Marketplace, a space for some of the leading companies in the functional and medicinal mushroom industry. From wellness products to microdosing, to guidance and education, leading innovators in consumer mycology will be showing their products and expertise at Wonderland 2022.


  1.   Workshops

Wonderland will give space to a range of workshops aimed at evoking the spiritual, inspiring insight, and manifesting mindfulness. Learning from expert hosts, you’ll reconnect and get psychedelic (without the psychedelics…). From Transforming Eroticism to

Psychedelics for Transformation: The Five-Pillar Model to Enhance Creativity, Well-being, and Performance — Wonderland will be an enlightening experience.


  1.   Psychedelic Books and Authors

Words matter. And Wonderland brings you some of psychedelia’s best writers. Journalist Amanda Seibert will present Psyched: Seven Cutting-Edge Psychedelics Changing the World; Rupert Scriven tells tales of the history & culture of the progressive 1990’s club scene in his celebrated new artbook The Art of Ecstasy; and Bia Labate & Clancy Cavnar will discuss Essays on the history of psychedelics, the present renaissance, and visions for an inclusive and equitable future.


  1.   Psychedelic Cinema

Psychedelics hit the big screen with Wonderland’s Psychedelic Cinema. From Netflix’s hilarious Have a Good Trip: Adventures in Psychedelics to How to Grow Mushrooms to Microdose’s own featured documentary The World on Drugs — Wonderland will give psychedelics its time in the limelight.



  1.   Psychedelic Art Gallery

Wonderland is more than a “conference” — it’s an exploration of psychedelic art & culture. Wonderland will not only showcase the industry’s top science and business leaders, but some of the psychedelics community’s most inspiring art. Come see some of the best artists in all of psychedelia.


  1.   3 Days, 3 Awesome After Parties

There will be free after-parties Thursday and Friday nights of the conference, with VIP and Platinum ticket holders receiving priority access to both. Saturday night, we turn on the magic. Join us for a spectacular evening, with all profits from ticket sales going to support MAPS. From surprise musicians to experiential artists, it will surely be a night to remember.


  1.   Awards Ceremony for the Psychedelics Industry

Wonderland 2022 also will also host the industry’s biggest awards ceremony. The 2nd Annual Microdose Awards will honor individuals and organizations for their dedication to fostering a positive impact on the psychedelic medicine space. From Company of the Year, to the top non-profits, investors, clinics, and more — the industry’s best will be recognized at Wonderland.



  1.   Exclusive Sunset VIP Party

On the evening of November 2, we will host a warm welcome party exclusively for VIP & Platinum ticket holders, speakers, and sponsors. You’ll have the opportunity to mingle with some of the most prolific figures in the psychedelic medicine space under the Miami sunset (taking place at a truly spectacular venue!).


  1.   Psychedelic NFT Gallery

Playing at the intersection of art and tech, NFTs are definitely making waves. Wonderland will present some of the world’s best psychedelic NFTs, with 9 screens showcasing NFT art recently on sale at the prestigious auction house, Christie’s (donated by visionary artists and with proceeds going to MAPS).


Mike Tyson at Wonderland
Mike Tyson speaking at Wonderland
  1.  Top Notch Food and Drink

In addition to being steps away from some of Miami’s best restaurants, Wonderland will also offer a selection of great on-site food trucks, from local Cuban eats, to spicy Caribbean favorites, and a variety of health-conscious options. And don’t forget the drinks. Wonderland will have several on-site bars to quench your thirst and get your cocktail mingle on.



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