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PsyCap Recap: 3 Key Takeaways from the Mindcure Presentation at March 2021 Psychedelic Capital

The post PsyCap Recap: 3 Key Takeaways from the Mindcure Presentation at March 2021 Psychedelic Capital appeared first on Microdose Psychedelic Insigh…



As the psychedelic renaissance continues to evolve and produce new companies in the space, MINDCURE is one mental health and wellness company that stands out above the rest. Its mission is to develop products that ease suffering, increase productivity, and enhance mental health. MINDCURE’s unique approach to product development and investigation involves the elegance of Five Spheres frameworks. Here are three key takeaways from their March 2021 Psychedelic Capital presentation.

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Key Takeaway #1: MINDCURE is taking a Multidisciplinary Approach to Psychedelic Medicine

Investing in integrated clinics where there are group therapy models today. Additionally, digital therapeutics is a major component of Mindcure’s strategy as well. The biotechnology and life sciences company is focused on a variety of opportunities in the psychedelic space. From optimizing an integration protocol that includes holotropic breathwork to seamlessly following a patient’s journey through biometric data acquisition, MINDCURE is up to some fascinating things. Through their diversification of offerings, they are steadily unlocking short term, medium-term, and long term timelines of revenue. Instead of shooting for a strictly IP play, like many in the space, their offerings from digital therapeutics and integrated clinics allow them to generate revenue immediately. Their partnership with ATMA Journey Centers further solidifies this strategic business model.

Psychedelic Capital Mindcure

Key Takeaway #2: iSTRYM is Poised to Revolutionize Digital Therapeutics for Psychedelics

Through their digital iSTRYM platform, MINDCURE offers therapists and patients alike the opportunity to understand the care paradigm better. From biometric data gained from wearables to helping patients pick out music for their trip, a much more personalized approach is taken for each patient. Indeed, while utilizing cutting-edge science to develop iSTRYM, the desire to use this data to better tell the patient’s stories is what is important to the MINDCURE team. Indeed, ATMA Journey Center’s David Horne stated, “Where technology can help shape story, I think that’s a beautiful thing.”

Also, with the use of special AI technology, patients are able to have their psychedelic sessions enhanced. Over time, the research gained “proofs of the medicine” and validated their importance.

Their president and CEO, Kelsey Ramsden, said that “story moves culture” and described the story of Thomas, the first section 56 patient by virtue of Therapsil that was recently allowed psilocybin therapy for end-of-life care. iSTRYM is intending to capture these stories for individuals to humanize the importance of this valuable medicine. The technology also uses AI-driven data analysis to amass a great data set to improve successful medicine and integration protocols. The idea is to eventually integrate iSTRYM into these integrated clinics and group spaces.

Psychedelic Capital Mindcure

Key Takeaway #3: MINDCURE Went the Extra Mile to Optimize Music for Psychedelic Trips

The MINDCURE team partnered with a team that tried to determine how a different variety of beats with alpha and theta waves in their minds would help guide the session in a way, through music, where the therapist is able to be something of a “maestro”. Ramsden describes how the music adapts and how special and unique everyone’s relationship with music truly is. Through their technological tools, the MINDCURE team allows for the “therapist to do their art” and “truly experience what happens with music and medicine” through the feedback from their iSTRYM app. With so much uncertainty for those guiding the psychedelic journeys, this tool provides therapists with more tools to comfort and hyper customize the experience for their patient or client.

Psychedelic Capital Mindcure

A Look Ahead for MINDCURE

With a strategic equity partnership with ATMA Journey Centers, the MINDCURE team has a derisked, already profitable, and strategic business model with cutting-edge, robust digital tools on the horizon. Their engaging Psychedelic Capital presentation is impressive and most definitely worth watching a recap of!

The post PsyCap Recap: 3 Key Takeaways from the Mindcure Presentation at March 2021 Psychedelic Capital appeared first on Microdose Psychedelic Insights.

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