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Psychedelic Guides with Ryan Zurrer of Vine Ventures

The post Psychedelic Guides with Ryan Zurrer of Vine Ventures appeared first on Microdose.

This week’s Psychedelic Guide is Ryan Zurrer, Founder, CIO…



The post Psychedelic Guides with Ryan Zurrer of Vine Ventures appeared first on Microdose.

This week’s Psychedelic Guide is Ryan Zurrer, Founder, CIO of Vine Ventures. Vine Ventures explores unique business models in life sciences.

Psychedelic Guide Ryan Zurrer

When did you first become involved in the psychedelic industry and why?

I have been a psychonaut for a long time, but started looking at the industry in 2018 from the lens of venture capitalist because of 3 observations:
1- A famous venture quote by my friend Chris Dixon is that “if you want to know what the next big thing is in Venture, look to what the nerds are doing on the weekends”. Living in San Francisco at the time, I noticed that what the nerds were doing on the weekends often involved psychedelics. Clearly, there has been a cultural and academic renaissance in this field.
2- The allegory of the Cannabis industry is important. The door that cannabis opened, both from the regulator’s pov as well as society at large, towards a more open-minded view of previously prohibited plants, will allow other plant-psychoactive compounds a path towards liberalization that is much faster than previously imagined.
3- One of the largest problems facing mankind is the mental health pandemic that we’ve released onto our society. Novel approaches to health and wellness are an important part of the solution. I see psychedelics as a keystone for solving one of the most pressing global problems of our time.

Do you, or have you taken, psychedelic substances?

Yes, of course. I frankly don’t understand how people working in positions of power and influence in this industry haven’t tried the very medicines that they are trying to promote, research, or regulate.

What’s your favourite psychedelic compound?

Ayahuasca is unquestionably the Queen of the psychedelics. However, San Pedro is also really special, especially for novices, because it is lighter, very long-lasting so you get used to being on the trip, and the lessons and insights compound on each other during the long duration of the trip.

Do your parents/family members know what you’re doing?

Yes, of course. They have accompanied me on a journey through other emerging industries that were non-obvious when I got involved, so they tend to trust my judgment on new technologies and fields of study.

Have you had an experience with mental health/chronic pain?

I have been lucky that my exploration with psychedelics has been more focused on development and self-improvement – what we refer to as ‘betterment of the well’. I am firm of the belief that psychedelics need not be hyper-medicalized or restricted only for curing the sick. Use-cases for the betterment of the well are perfectly ok.

What’s your vision of the industry in 20 years?

Psychedelic medicines, both synthetic and natural will be available at retail stores for consumption by adults. Guides and psychedelic centres will be as commonplace as yoga studios and there won’t be a noticeable separation between psychedelic culture and popular culture.

What are your biggest worries for the industry?

I fear that the hyper-medicalization view wins out and the industry is restricted to patent-controlled synthetic compounds, that can only be MD-prescribed, and are ridiculously over-priced.

Who are your heroes?

Ray Dalio, Cristine Granville, S.N. Goenka

If you could create a psychedelic to do anything you wanted, what would it do?

It would offer a complete Ayahuasca experience without causing the difficulty of the taste or physical purging that is so common and cited so much in people’s reservations about the brew.


We’d like to thank Ryan for being a part of the Psychedelic Guides series. Stay tuned for weekly profiles on leaders in the psychedelic industry.

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