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Psychedelics & Aliens: Fiction VS. Facts

If you dive deep into the underground psychedelic scene, you are bound to encounter some creative theories about aliens. Aliens and psychedelics seem to…



If you dive deep into the underground psychedelic scene, you are bound to encounter some creative theories about aliens. Aliens and psychedelics seem to go together like uncles and inappropriate comments at holiday dinners. 

Alien enthusiasts have long been labeled as conspiracy theorists. Until recently, believers in extraterrestrial life have been viewed as crazy recluses sitting in their mother’s basements wearing tin foil hats. New reports, however, confirm that UFOs and non-earthly biological beings have, in fact, made it to Earth. 

Psychedelic users have also experienced a long period of alienation (pun intended). For 50 years, they have been labeled as outcasts who live on the fringes of society. Hippies walking around a commune barefoot and topless. Dirty Wooks with dreadlocks living in Colorado with 11 roommates crammed into a 4-bedroom house. 

Psychedelic users and Alien enthusiasts have long been stigmatized as crazy outcasts. But, in the past few years, all of that has changed. Now, psychedelics are being used by Silicon Valley Billionaires, and Congress is talking about the existence of aliens. As the beliefs of these two groups, which often intersect, have been confirmed by mainstream media and esteemed scientists, it is worth taking a look at how they became so intertwined in the first place.

One of the major reasons that there are so many alien believers in the psychedelic community is because… Well, psychedelics. It is not uncommon for high doses of psychedelics such as magic mushrooms and DMT to bring about visions of extraterrestrial beings. 

I myself have had ayahuasca-induced visions of strange worlds and strange beings. I’ve bathed in a pool in the Garden of Eden. I have even spent time in a world not unlike the one created by James Cameron in his movie Avatar. I was a 20-foot creature swinging from tree to tree on a strange planet, interacting with its native people. Now, I don’t believe that one day my descendants will fly off to take over Pandora from the Na’vi people. Though, perhaps I am wrong!

Everyone relates to the psychedelic realm differently. I view my journey through non-earthy worlds as an experience of a place that exists beyond our physical world. A place manifested by the spirit that I was guided to through the psychedelics I consumed. However, other people see these experiences as proof of what exists here in our world. 

So, do psychedelics really give us access to knowledge about aliens? That is impossible to say. It can be difficult to decipher what the visions from psychedelics really mean. Some believe that they are manifestations of what is going on in the subconscious, while others believe that they offer insight into the physical world. Scientists have yet to figure out what exactly psychedelic visions mean. But, that doesn’t stop people from forming their own conclusions. 

If these past few years have taught us anything, it’s that a crazy-sounding conspiracy theory is just one whistleblower away from becoming an undisputed fact. Of course, that cannot be said about all conspiracy theories. We here at Psychedelic Invest aren’t anticipating confirmations that the world is flat. However, the evidence against psychedelics and aliens has certainly been disproven. 

The entwining of psychedelics and aliens isn’t just a contemporary phenomenon. Many cultures throughout human history have used psychedelics, and they are often linked to encounters with otherworldly beings. Some cultures believe these entities are gods or spirits; others see them as aliens. These encounters have shaped the myths and religions of countless civilizations.

The Shipibo Tribe from Peru believes they can follow a map to the stars during ayahuasca ceremonies. If they are able to fly around in space, who is to say that they haven’t run into some aliens along the way?

There are also archeological sites that suggest an extra-terrestrial hand in early civilization. For example, Macchu Pichu and the Great Pyramids hold great mysteries that have left even the smartest of scientists baffled. When we humans can’t make logical sense of something, we turn to myths. That is essentially what conspiracy theories are— modern myths created to try to make sense of what we don’t understand. Though some of these myths are a bit… out there, others have turned out to be true.

In more recent times, the psychedelic renaissance in the Western corner of the world has given way to a resurgence of myths about extraterrestrial beings. The psychedelic experience is often described as a journey beyond the boundaries of ordinary reality, opening the mind to extraordinary visions and perceptions.

Psychedelic experiences are deeply personal and meaningful. However, they are highly subjective, and there is a lack of empirical evidence to support claims of extraterrestrial communication. However, who is to say that some future scientists won’t discover that humans have been heading to the Amazon jungle to communicate with aliens from faraway galaxies? Or, perhaps some secret agent working for an unknown sector of the CIA is getting ready to send off some top-secret video interviews with aliens to WikiLeaks. Only time will tell!

It is difficult to form a conclusion here. When discussing such esoteric beliefs, there is no definitive right or wrong. It does, however, call to attention something beautiful about modern society. The global community holds a vast spectrum of ideas and myths that help make sense of everything about the world that is still not understood. Though everyone holds their own beliefs and judgments about the beliefs of others, a variety of myths are able to coexist in modern society.

Lastly, in a world dictated by modern science, it is important to remember that the world is full of mystery. Some of these mysteries will be unveiled in our lives, and others may remain hidden for as long as humanity walks this planet.


This article a not meant to spread conspiracy theories. All theories discussed here that lack empirical evidence are simply meant to point out the uncertainty of what could exist beyond the knowledge of modern science. 

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