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PurMinds Appoints Leading Drug Designer to Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Kozikowski is a leader in medicinal chemistry designing Novel Chemical Entities (NCEs) for oncology and neuroscience.
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PurMinds Appoints Leading Drug Designer, Dr. Alan Kozikowski to the Scientific Advisory Board


Toronto, Ontario–(Newsfile Corp. – September 8, 2023) – PurMinds NeuroPharma (“PurMinds” or the “Company”), a Canadian neuroscience company with a robust clinical pipeline combining small molecules, psychedelic compounds and other modalities, pursuing breakthrough therapeutic solutions for neurological disorders marred by neurodegeneration, today announced the appointment of one of the world’s leading drug designer, Professor Alan Kozikowski, Ph.D., to the Company’s Scientific Advisory Board (“SAB”).

Dr. Kozikowski is a Global leader in medicinal chemistry designing Novel Chemical Entities (NCEs) for oncology and neuroscience. He worked as a Professor for over 40 years at a number of prestigious universities in the field of medicinal chemistry, and is known for his research on 5-HT receptors, HDAC inhibitors, and GSK-3 inhibitors, and has over 100 patents and over 550 publications under his belt. Professor Kozikowski is also a serial pharmaceutical entrepreneur and one of the most prolific inventors in the psychedelic drug discovery and development field, having founded and co-founded multiple biotech companies such as Bright Minds Biosciences and StarWise Therapeutic LLC, with hundreds of NCEs designed under his stewardship. A number of his inventions are in various stages of clinical development or are now marketed drugs.

The extensive experience of Dr. Kozikowski in the application of chemistry to biological problems, especially his past success with novel therapeutics for brain diseases, will guide PurMinds to expand and accelerate its valuable clinical asset portfolio, especially non-hallucinogenic psychedelic-inspired NCEs for neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s and chemotherapy-induced cognitive impairment (CICI).

“We continue to expand the scientific and technological expertise of our SAB and the addition of Dr. Kozikowski is an incredibly exciting development for PurMinds. As an industry veteran with experience designing novel therapeutics for both psychiatric and neurological conditions, coupled with our robust drug development strategy of psychedelic-inspired combinatorial therapies, we will ensure that PurMinds will play a significant role in addressing devastating neurological disorders,” said PurMinds’ Chief Executive Officer, Janet Qi.

“Through my years of experience designing novel therapeutics for psychiatric and neurological conditions as well as cancer, I have been impressed with the potential of the Company’s drug development pipeline aimed at promoting neuroplasticity and neuro-rejuvenation, while reducing neuroinflammatory processes, which are linked to neurological disorders,” added Dr. Kozikowski.


PurMinds is a neuro-medicine development company pursuing breakthrough solutions to neurological disorders marred by neurodegeneration. PurMinds’ clinical pipeline includes innovative therapeutics that combine proven Mode of Actions (MoA) with exciting new discoveries in Psychedelics and neuroplastogens and their ability to promote neuroplasticity and neuro-rejuvenation, with potentials for FDA “Breakthrough Designation”, and fast track to Phase IIa. In addition, the company also operates a NeuroLabs in Ontario that was granted a Health Canada approved Controlled Substances license and can produce, formulate and supply pharma-grade Psychedelic compounds, including Psilocybin, MDMA, for global clinical trials and treatments.

PurMinds champions a de-risked business model including a multiple-target approach to drug development, as well as progressing short- and medium- term revenue path combined with long term value creation through development of novel therapeutics. For further information about PurMinds NeuroPharma, please visit the Company’s website at

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