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The Business of Magic Mushrooms: Companies Working with Psilocybin – Part 2

The post The Business of Magic Mushrooms: Companies Working with Psilocybin – Part 2 appeared first on Microdose.

Last week we continued our Meet The…



The post The Business of Magic Mushrooms: Companies Working with Psilocybin – Part 2 appeared first on Microdose.

Last week we continued our Meet The Molecule series, setting our sights on psilocybin. Our science specialist Gaurav Dubey began things with What are Magic Mushrooms? Exploring the Science & Secrets of Psilocybin and we followed that with a look at the business side of the compound, giving you a summary of who’s working with psilocybin (The Business of Magic Mushrooms: Companies Working With Psilocybin).

With so many companies working with psilocybin, today we’ll continue with part two of the business side of mushrooms.

Which companies are working with psilocybin?

Which companies are working with psilocybin? (continued)

For the moment, psilocybin leads the way in terms of psychedelic medicine development, with firms across the sector working on harnessing the therapeutic potential of the magic mushroom (see here for the first part of our list).

Mindset Pharma

Mindset is a drug discovery company focused on developing novel and patentable psychedelic compounds. Mindset is working to assemble a proprietary library of “next-generation” psychedelic IP, with the goal of creating a pipeline of optimized psychedelic medications, focused on improved efficacy and reduced toxicity.

Their lead compound MSP-1014 has shown positive results in a preclinical head-to-head comparison with traditional psilocybin, they have 4 patent-pending novel drug families, and over 75 synthesized compounds in preclinical stages.

The company is trying to establish itself as a leader in the next generation of optimized psilocybin.

Wake Network

Wake Network is currently producing both fungus-derived psilocybin and medicinal mushroom products, describing themselves as “a fungi bioscience company focused on advancing the field of psychedelic and fungi-based therapeutics”.

The company has a line of functional, medicinal mushrooms; a bioscience division studying optimal ways to grow mushrooms; and a wellness division with digital therapeutics; and clinical trial work focused on fungi.

Wake has also completed legal psilocybin production and export to the U.S. and recently received approval to conduct a Phase 2b psilocybin microdosing clinical trial.


MINDCURE describes itself as a “diversified psychedelic research and technology company at the forefront of the mental health industry. With research into indications for psychedelic substances, nootropic, and adaptogenic products, digital therapeutics technology, and integrative partnerships.”

The company has a broad development plan, with molecule research and development; iSTRYM, a software application that provides data-driven support during therapy and optimizes therapeutic outcomes; a line of wellness products; and its minority purchase of ATMA Journey Centers, Canada’s first commercial provider of legal psilocybin-assisted therapy.

Havn Life Sciences

Havn Life Sciences is a “Canadian biotechnology company pursuing standardized extraction of psychoactive compounds, the development of natural healthcare products, and innovative mental health treatment to support brain health and enhance the capabilities of the mind.”

HAVN Labs aims to build a psychedelic supply chain for researchers, focused on compounds in psychedelic mushrooms. HAVN has already completed research and development for psilocybin extraction, while they await their Health Canada Dealers Licence for the supply and sale of regulated psychedelic compounds.

The company recently announced its preclinical study on the effects of psilocybin on the immune system, with the goal of starting an FDA Phase 1 clinical trial.

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