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Vets groups push Congress for cannabis reform (Newsletter: March 8, 2022)

Top WI lawmaker: State will legalize eventually; RI drug decrim bills; Orgs want DC legal marijuana sales allowed; WY cannabis decrim dead Subscribe to…



Top WI lawmaker: State will legalize eventually; RI drug decrim bills; Orgs want DC legal marijuana sales allowed; WY cannabis decrim dead

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Several military veterans service organizations called on Congress to ease restrictions on medical cannabis access and research at a series of recent joint hearings of the House and Senate Veterans Affairs committees.

Wisconsin’s Republican Assembly majority leader said it’s “likely” the state will legalize marijuana “at some point”—but he thinks medical cannabis legislation has a better shot in the near term.

Rhode Island representatives filed bills to decriminalize most drugs and to allow medical professionals to “prescribe and dispense psilocybin as a therapeutic.”

The American Civil Liberties Union, AFL-CIO, Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, Drug Policy Alliance, NORML and other organizations sent a letter calling on Congress to finally remove the ban on recreational marijuana sales in Washington, D.C.

A Wyoming representative who is sponsoring a marijuana decriminalization bill says it won’t get a vote this session.


The Department of Justice now has until May 9 to reveal its position in a case about the legality of safe consumption sites for illegal drugs—the latest delay on a brief that was initially due back in November.

Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said the U.S. government is “doing everything we can” to aid Americans detained in Russia—including basketball player Brittney Griner, who was jailed after allegedly being caught at an airport with cannabis vape cartridges.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) said she is pressing the State Department to focus on helping to free Brittney Griner from Russian detention over an alleged cannabis offense.

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) tweeted, “I enjoyed visiting Formation Ag and learning about their work producing machinery necessary to convert hemp into a variety of industrial products. It’s great to see such innovative businesses in Colorado’s Third District!”

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) tweeted, “Black Americans are four times more likely to be arrested and six times more likely to go to jail for marijuana-related offenses. It’s time we federally legalize cannabis and work to undo decades of injustice against Black Americans.”


South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) signed several medical marijuana reform bills into law. Separately, a legislative conference committee is set to reconcile versions of a bill that could ban or limit medical cannabis home cultivation. Meanwhile, the Senate defeated legislation that would have limited where medical marijuana could be used.

Kansas’s attorney general issued an opinion saying delta-8 THC is illegal unless derived from hemp and, even if so, products containing it must be limited to 0.3 percent total THC.

Indiana Democratic secretary of state candidate Destiny Scott Wells spoke about how other states are generating tax revenue with marijuana legalization. She also tweeted, “Hoosiers are overwhelmingly in favor of moving forward on cannabis, yet Indiana is behind our neighbor states as they take advantage of economic development from its legalization.”

The New Jersey Senate approved a bill to let medical cannabis patients under 18 years of age to have up to four designated caregivers

New York’s Assembly majority leader discussed efforts to implement marijuana legalization.

Oklahoma House leaders announced a plan to revise medical cannabis rules, and the House Alcohol, Tobacco and Controlled Substances Committee approved several related bills.

The Illinois House assistant majority leader filed a bill to consolidate marijuana regulatory agencies.

Ohio House Democrats tweeted about the passage of a bill to add autism spectrum disorder as a medical cannabis qualifying condition.

The Virginia House Appropriations Committee defeated a Senate-passed bill to allow resentencing for people with marijuana convictions.

The Wyoming Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill to punish pregnant women who use illegal drugs.

The Kentucky House Judiciary Committee may hold a hearing on a medical cannabis bill on Wednesday.

Rhode Island lawmakers spoke about the marijuana legalization bill they are sponsoring.

A Pennsylvania representative tweeted, “Small marijuana convictions can keep you from affordable housing, federal and state aid, and even chances at a job. Medical marijuana patients are being denied a job based on their consumption of cannabis. This war on drugs needs to head in the right direction.”

Michigan marijuana regulators revised administrative rules.

The California State Fair Cannabis Awards extended the submission deadline and revised its award categories.

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The Maricopa County, Arizona attorney’s office is expanding efforts to assist with marijuana expungements.

The Detroit, Michigan City Council’s Public Health and Safety Committee approved a proposal to allow recreational marijuana dispensaries.


Guyanese President Irfaan Ali plans to meet with marijuana farmers to try to convince them to grow legal hemp.

Thailand’s deputy prime minister said the government is working to expedite passage of a bill providing a framework for legal cannabis and hemp.

Mexican senators are considering marijuana legalization legislation modeled on regulations in Canada and Colombia.

KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa’s premier approved the formation of a cannabis committee.

Alberta, Canada will allow retailers to sell cannabis online and make deliveries as of Tuesday.


A study identified “CBD and a specific group of terpenes as a promising anti-COVID-19 therapeutic strategy that warrants further in vivo testing and preclinical trials.”

A study concluded that “expanding access to [intensive psychotherapy assisted with MDMA] to patients with chronic and severe PTSD will provide substantial health and financial benefits.”


The Democratic Governor Association included legalizing marijuana in a list of accomplishments by New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D).

The Los Angeles Times editorial board criticized the California State Fair for having a category for highest THC content in its cannabis awards competition.

The Washington Examiner editorial board called out what it says are the harms of marijuana legalization.


Canopy Growth Corporation is being deleted from the S&P/TSX 60 Index.

Federal prosecutors said Eaze’s former CEO should be given a light sentence after he helped alleged co-conspirators in an effort to conceal marijuana transactions from banks.

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