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Webinar: Launching (and Protecting) Your Ketamine Practice

On April 16th, moderator David Rahn of Psy-Ins will sit with ketamine providers that have built or are currently building their ketamine companies.  During…



On April 16th, moderator David Rahn of Psy-Ins will sit with ketamine providers that have built or are currently building their ketamine companies. 

During this conversation, the panelists will discuss the following topics:

  • What it takes to start a ketamine company
  • Speedbumps to look out for while getting started
  • Ways to mitigate risk
  • Process optimization strategies
  • Patient recruitment strategies
  • Differences between ketamine clinics and ketamine telehealth offerings

The group is bound to discuss many more topics overlapping with the topic so tune in to find out where the conversation goes.

Also, all attendees should come prepared to this live event with questions as the panelists will take live Q&A from the audience. 


David is a specialized insurance and risk management professional who assists companies operating in highly regulated industries minimize their risks and access critical coverages to safeguard their businesses.

As a Bespoke Insurance Broker with strong analytical skills, he performs detailed risk assessments for both start-up and established, public and private companies, and develops customized strategies and solutions to ensure their businesses and C-suite executives are fully protected.

Upon graduating from Lynn University, David launched his career in digital marketing and technology before transferring his skills sets to Rahn & Associates in 2016. Most recently, he was the Southeast Territory Manager for CannGen Insurance Services, a position that enabled him to bridge and strengthen the broker-carrier relationship.

David’s unique experience having worked on both the broker and carrier side of the business, and his profound ability to understand a company’s risks and match it to the right coverages is a tremendous advantage for difficult-to-insure businesses operating in high-risk industries, such as Psychedelic Medicine. He leverages his strong relationships with the world’s leading insurance carriers and knowledge of all the various coverages available to companies, as well as what underwriting teams need, in order to secure the right coverages for his clients.

Mark Holland is the founder and CEO of Choose Your Horizon, a mental wellness company that offers at-home psychedelic therapy. Choose Your Horizon provides ketamine-assisted therapy to treat conditions like PTSD, anxiety, and depression. The therapy involves using low doses of ketamine to create a dissociative experience, which enables patients to gain new perspectives on their mental health issues. Holland is a serial entrepreneur in the consumer health space and has been scaling the business to expand to more states, with plans to potentially include more psychedelic compounds in their treatment offerings in the future.

I am Meg Papagelis, a versatile individual with a rich background spanning both coasts of the United States. While Boston is my hometown, California and Florida have been my cherished homes for the majority of my life. With over 5 years of dedicated experience as a ketamine therapy specialist in regenerative medicine, my focus revolves around the transformative power of ketamine.

From hands-on sessions to contributing to innovative protocols, my expertise encompasses IV/IM Ketamine therapy and extends to shaping modalities in the psychedelic medicine space. My personal healing journey with ketamine has fueled my commitment to raising awareness about this alternative healing modality. I passionately believe in unlocking the immense power of the mind, viewing ketamine as a transformative catalyst in my life and the lives of those I guide.

Beyond the conventional, I tirelessly work to bridge the gap between traditional medicine and the transformative possibilities of psychedelics. Through my expertise, passion, and personal journey, I aim to inspire others to embrace the power of the mind, showcasing ketamine as a gateway to holistic well-being and self-discovery.

I recently co-founded my newest venture, OORA Health which is launching in 2024.

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