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 Enosis Therapeutics, a medical technology and psychedelic research company that leverages virtual reality (VR) for the contextual modulation of psychedelic…



 Enosis Therapeutics, a medical technology and psychedelic research company that leverages virtual reality (VR) for the contextual modulation of psychedelic therapy to improve treatment outcomes, has partnered with OVID Clinics and the MIND Foundation to implement the world’s first in-clinic application of VR with Psychedelic-Assisted therapy. The Berlin-based healthcare services provider that delivers integration-focused and psychedelic-based psychotherapies through its network of clinics, “OVID Clinics”, has begun offering its patients the opportunity to receive psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy integrated with Enosis’ science-backed virtual technology protocols.

In June 2022, Enosis collaborated with the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia and announced positive results from the world’s first study on the synergistic application of VR in psychedelics. The preliminary results showed that Enosis’ bespoke VR scenarios, combined with a guided psychedelic experience, generated high levels of acceptance and satisfaction. The positive results from this first study have led Enosis’ to begin offering VR scenarios with psychedelic-assisted therapy inside OVID Clinics.

“The Enosis team is honored to partner with OVID Clinics and the MIND Foundation to commence the first in-clinic application of our VR protocols as an adjunct to psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. Enhancing patient accessibility to our VR experiences remains our  top priority and we are excited to bring this novel treatment to patients in need. Together with the OVID team, our focus is to achieve positive patient outcomes and longer-lasting therapeutic benefits for patients battling mental health illnesses.”

Agnieszka D. Sekula, Co-Founder of Enosis Therapeutics

Beyond offering the in-clinic protocol in Berlin, Enosis and OVID will be gathering data for a research collaboration aiming to investigate the synergistic effects of psychedelic and digital interventions in hopes that the results demonstrate better therapeutic patient outcomes and enhance overall patient wellbeing.

“At OVID Clinics, we believe in a personalized, evidence-based, medical & psychotherapeutic approach tailored to the patients’ needs. We recognize the value of Enosis´ VR technologies in the integration process following psychedelic therapy,” said Sergio Pérez Rosal, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of OVID Clinics. “We are convinced that this partnership will help innovate the field by shifting the focus from the psychedelic substance to the psychedelic experience and its integration, supporting patients in every step of the way through their journey into well-being.”

Enosis and OVID’s partnership shows further proof that VR is a powerful technology for enhancing mental health and highlights that VR capabilities and protocols are gaining strong momentum in psychedelics research and clinical settings. Patient enrollment is in progress now.

About Enosis Therapeutics

Enosis Therapeutics Pty Ltd. is a psychedelic start-up founded by Agnieszka D. Sekula, a psychedelic researcher at Swinburne University, and Dr. Prashanth Puspanathan, a Melbourne based medical doctor and long-time psychedelic advocate. Enosis was formed to advance experiential design in psychedelic-based treatment by leveraging virtual reality’s unique, state-altering properties.

Enosis sits at the intersection of research and industry, providing carefully designed virtual reality scenarios and clinical protocols that employ them at specific points of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy to improve the quality of the patient experience and therapy outcomes.

Founders aim to empower patients to take leadership in their own healing journey by using VR to break away from the constraints of the analog system. Their therapeutic approach promotes non-cognitive, experiential, emotional, and embodied aspects of treatment.

About OVID

OVID Health Systems is a healthcare services provider based in Berlin, Germany. Founded in 2020, its mission is to ensure better mental health & well-being through psychedelic therapies. The company has two main activities. OVID Clinics was founded by Prof. Gründer, Dr. Jungaberle and Dr. Pérez Rosal to deliver efficient, safe and sustainable treatments implementing innovative psychedelic psychotherapies in a network of clinics. Their SAND Protocol foresees the implementation of Serotonergic and Atypical psychedelic substances, Non-Pharmacological, and Digital Interventions to promote mental health. OVID Molecules aims to develop new chemical entities and manufactures known psychedelic substances to transform them into approved psychedelic drugs in Europe. OVID is the clinical partner of the MIND Foundation, a Berlin-based non-profit organization.

About the MIND Foundation

The MIND Foundation is a European non-profit science and education organization that promotes psychedelic research and therapy. Its work builds on the neurobiological and psychological potential of psychedelics to improve mental health and well-being in a clinical setting; for which the scientific base is firmly growing. MIND also trains physicians and psychotherapists in psychedelic therapy and is committed to providing high-quality, science-based education to the public. In MIND´s Augmented Psychotherapy Training (APT) digital interventions are already part of the curriculum.

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