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Mainstream Psychedelics Coverage, Conferences Expanding

Analysts and investors continue to help expand the psychedelics industry.
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Analysts and investors continue to jump into the development of the psychedelics industry, building their psychedelics coverage and adding new business conferences and other gatherings of like-minded investment explorers.

Several analytical companies have either added or expanded coverage of the psychedelics industry, attracted by the increasing amount of IPOs and positive industry forecasts. Some of these outlets include:

Mainstream media coverage from such sources as the Netflix docuseries “How to Change Your Mind” and positive investment reporting by dozens of financial-related publishing enterprises, such as The Economist, Wall Street Journal, and Forbes, is also driving interest.

Investing News (IN) reported that, while the industry is still in its early stages, the promising potential of psychedelic medicine drug products has attracted the interest of savvy investors eager for an emerging investment opportunity. “A shroom boom is in the works,” an IN reporter wrote, then listed various psychedelics stocks to watch.

Viridian Capital Investors, one of the first capital, mergers, acquisitions, and strategic advisory firms for cannabis, launched their psychedelics coverage in September and provided a psychedelics initiation report.

But some analytical companies are going further than just expanding coverage. They’re producing webinars and conferences about psychedelics to help clients dig deeper into what is happening in the psychedelics industry.

For example, The Arcview Group, one of the first vertically integrated professional services firm servicing the cannabis, hemp, and psychedelic industries, did their first public psychedelics event in May 2021, “The Future of Psychedelic Medicine Investment.”

“Gone are the days when psychedelics’ sole use was to picture yourself in a boat on a river, with tangerine trees, and marmalade skies,” Arcview wrote in promoting the event.

Benzinga, a financial news and data company, did their first psychedelics conference in April in Miami, the Benzinga Psychedelics Capital Conference, featuring Kevin O’Leary, chairman of O’Shares Investment Advisers and host of ABC’s Shark Tank. This came after the company did 13 cannabis editions of investor conferences in Toronto, Chicago, Detroit, New York, and Miami over the last few years.

H.C. Wainwright and Company, a full‐service investment bank providing corporate finance, strategic advisory, corporate access, and related services to public and private companies across multiple sectors and regions, held their first annual mental health conference in June, with a focus on psychedelics, following their second annual psychedelics conference in December 2021.

Beyond investor companies, academia is adding more brainpower to help guide the psychedelics investor development as well. For example, the Massachusetts General Hospital Psychiatry Academy will host a conference, the 2nd Annual Conference on Psychedelics and Psychedelic Medicine, in Boston in November with mostly doctors and professors presenting. The focus will be on clinical studies and practice, which is a hot issue with psychedelics companies who are entrenched in research and development now – and a key area that investors watch.

But there’s more conference activity for investors to digest:

  • The 11th annual Marijuana Business Conference in Las Vegas in November will feature a day-long reMind Psychedelics Forum.
  • The Cannabis Science Conference East, held in Baltimore in September, added a psychedelics track to its annual science conference.
  • The second annual Wonderland, one of the only purely psychedelics conferences, created by Microdose Psychedelics Insight, will be happening in Miami in November. (Full disclosure: I will be presenting at the Microdose 2022 Wonderland.)

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