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World’s First Legal Exporter of Psilocybin Launches ONE Psychedelic Retreats and PATOO Psilocybin Gummy

Renowned Jamaican Psilocybin Cultivator and Supplier Expands Operations and Sets Eyes on U.S.RUNAWAY BAY, Jamaica, Aug. 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –…



Renowned Jamaican Psilocybin Cultivator and Supplier Expands Operations and Sets Eyes on U.S.

RUNAWAY BAY, Jamaica, Aug. 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rose Hill (or the “Company”), the leading cultivator, supplier and exporter of premium psilocybin products and biomass in Jamaica, celebrates the premier of their psychedelic wellness program, ONE Retreats, and the launch of their newest psilocybin product— the PATOO gummy. These milestones strengthen Rose Hill's total business and prime the Company for U.S. expansion.

As one of the seven countries worldwide where the cultivation and consumption of psychedelic mushrooms are legal, Jamaica is a prominent region for the psilocybin industry. Rose Hill has emerged as the largest legal, natural psilocybin producer in Jamaica and the first legal exporter globally. Since 2015, the Company has been cultivating and breeding multiple varieties of psychedelic mushrooms, while adhering to sustainable and ethical cultivation practices that surpass industry standards.

Rose Hill currently operates through three main business channels: Rose Hill, responsible for overseeing the science, research, and development; PATOO, Jamaica's first legal psychedelic CPG line of psilocybin products; and most recently, ONE Retreats, an experiential psilocybin retreat centered around wellness and healing.

"We are thrilled to launch the next iteration of our psilocybin product brand, the PATOO gummy. Crafted with the same proprietary formulation as our favored psilocybin-infused Chocolate Bars and Honey, we created PATOO to give those in search of lab-tested, naturally derived wellness product options at accessible price points,” said Charles Lazarus, Rose Hill’s Co-founder/Managing partner, Chief of Cultivation and Production. “We hope that a well-respected and recognized brand like PATOO will further lift the stigma associated with psychedelics and create the much-needed legitimacy this industry needs.”

Since 2018, PATOO has employed a natural harvesting process of indigenous Jamaican psilocybin fungi curated with the utmost quality standards to ensure the medicine’s integrity, consistency, and efficacy. The Company currently offers a range of legal and lab-tested psilocybin-infused products, including their premium chocolate bar crafted with organic Jamaican cacao, and their handcrafted micro dose honey, which undergoes a meticulous three-month infusion process to deliver a pure, undiluted, and unprocessed final product. This July, PATOO launched their vegan psilocybin gummies, made with extract, and earthed from the same organic psilocybin biomass and ingredients found in their industry-revered products. PATOO products are available through over 30 retailers in Jamaica including dispensaries, hotels/retail stores, and retreats.

“We are honored to bring forth ONE Retreats, Rose Hill's experiential psilocybin wellness program, with our inaugural launched this past June 2023 in West End Negril. Our first retreat was extremely special as we had the honor to work with a group of veterans seeking an alternative form of medicine,” said Kevin Bourke, Rose Hill Co-founder/Managing Partner, Chief Marketing and Branding Officer. “Generations have turned to psilocybin and other mushroom variations for their immense potential to heal, and ONE is our commitment to offer access to much-needed medicine. Having supplied various retreats since 2018, Rose Hill has set the highest standards for psychedelic-assisted wellness programs in Jamaica and across the globe. Sessions with ONE Retreats are overseen by trained psilocybin therapists and medical professionals who ensure the safety and confidence of each guest. We are looking forward to the next ONE Retreat scheduled for October 2023.”

Beyond supplying wholesale and retail outlets, mushrooms supplied from Rose Hill are also part of ongoing research and clinical trials through its export contract with Mydecine Innovations Group, a publicly traded company based in Canada with headquarters in Denver, CO. This groundbreaking partnership marked the first legal international export of psilocybin in March 2021. Furthermore, Rose Hill is currently in the process of applying for a manufacturing and services license in Oregon, leveraging its team's expertise in cannabis operations and retail networks.

Rose Hill’s Co-founders also serve as the inaugural advisors on Jamaica’s Psilocybin Mushroom Industry Technical Committee (JPMITC) under The Bureau of Standards where they have been tasked to advise on the formalization of industry guidelines and regulations. From participation on the Committee and the Company’s growth trajectory, Rose Hill is poised to revolutionize the legal psilocybin industry by providing safe, high-quality psychedelic products that advance wellness.

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About Rose Hill
Rose Hill is a premium cultivator and supplier of psilocybin products and biomass to research partners and brands. With commitment to sustainable and ethical cultivation practices, they aim to exceed industry standards and provide customers with safe, high-quality products. To date, Rose Hill is the largest psilocybin producer in Jamaica and the first legal exporter on the planet.

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